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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Wolves started out as original members of the league in 1888 but spent more time out of the top flight than in it during the League's first fifty years, including one season in the Third Division. Although Wolves won the cup in 1893 and 1908 it wasn't until the 1930s that they finally established themselves as a strong top flight club. A third cup success in 1949 was followed in 1960 when Norman Deeley's goals saw them cruise to a 3-0 victory over a hapless Blackburn side. Those success came either side of the greatest team in Wolves' history, The fifties side that claimed three titles in 1954, 1958 and 1959. The sixties and seventies were spent moving between the top two divisions before the eighties saw the club hit rock bottom when they dropped into the fourth tier in 1986. Since the 1990s the second tier has been where Wolves can most commonly be found with brief highs in the Premier League and single season trip back into the third tier. Their greatest 21st Century cup moment came as a giant killer when silencing the Kop at Liverpool's Anfield in 2017.

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Bury

Second round: 1st February 1908


Scorers: Walter Radford {2}

Ranked at the time: 43

Today: Outside the top 400


3-1 vs Newcastle United

The 1908 F A Cup Final

@ Crystal Palace, London: 25th April 1908

Attendance - 74,967

Scorers: Kenneth Hunt, George Hedley, Billy Harrison

Ranked at the time: 26

Today: outside the top 200

Team: Tommy Lunn, Jackery Jones, Ted Collins, Kenneth Hunt, Billy Wooldridge, Albert Bishop, Billy Harrison, Jack Shelton, George Hedley, Walter Radford, Jack Pedley


1-0 Manchester City

Second round: 4th February 1911

Attendance: 25,000

Scorer: Archie Needham

Ranked at the time: 93

Today: Outside the top 600

Team: 1:Frank Boxly, 2:George Garratly, 3:Ted Collins, 4:Albert Groves, 5:Billy Wooldridge, 6:Albert Bishop, 7:Billy Harrison, 8:Archie Needham, 9:George Hedley, 10:Jack Needham, 11:Alf Walker


1-0 vs Blackburn Rovers

First round replay: Thursday January 15th 1920

Attendance: 36,000

Scorers:Tancy Lea

Ranked at the time:98

Today: Outside the top 500

Team: 1:Teddy Peers, 2:Dicky Baugh, 3:George Garratly, 4:Freddy Price, 5:Albert Groves, 6:Alf Riley, 7:Billy Harrison, 8:Harry Wright, 9:Tancy Lea, 10:Dick Richards, 11:Sammy Brooks


1-0 vs Derby County

Second round replay: Thursday February 3rd 1921

Attendance: 30,000

Scorer: Dick Richards

Ranked at the time:123

{image right: Wolve's English international winger, Sammy Brooks}

Team: 1:Teddy Peers or Noel George, 2:Dicky Baugh, 3:Maurice Woodward or George Marshall, 4:Val Gregory, 5:Joe Hodnett, 6:Alf Riley, 7:Tancy Lea, 8:Frank Burrill, 9:Eddie Edmunds, 10:Dick Richards, 11:Sammy Brooks


1-0 @ Everton

Quarter final: Saturday March 5th 1921

Attendance: 50,000

Scorer: George Edmonds

Ranked at the time:69

Today: Outside the top 300

Team: 1:Noel George, 2:Dicky Baugh, 3:Maurice Woodward or George Marshall, 4:Val Gregory, 5:Joe Hodnett, 6:Alf Riley, 7:Tancy Lea, 8:Frank Burrill, 9:Eddie Edmunds, 10:Dick Richards, 11:Sammy Brooks {manager-Jack Addenbroke}


2-0 @ Stoke City

Third round: Saturday, January 7th 2017

Attendance: 21,479

Scorers: Hector Costa, Matt Doherty

Ranked at the time: 419

Team: 1: Carl Ikerne, 18: Dominic Iorfa {Replaced by 9:Nouha Dicko-77}, 30: Kortney Hause, 60: Mike Williamson, 2: Matt Doherty, 8: George Saville, 14: Lee Evans, 17: Helder Costa, 26: Bright Enobarkhare {Replaced by 4:David Edwards-71}, 10: Joe Mason, 22: Jon dadi Bodvarsson. {Manager: Paul Lambert}

2-1 @ Liverpool

After six years of struggle at Sincil Bank, in which relegation to the sixth tier had loomed large several times, things were looking up again

Team: 31: Harry Burgoyne, 16:Conor Coady, 5:Richard Stearman, 30:Kortney Hause, 2:Matt Doherty, 14:Lee Evans, 8:George Saville, 17:Helder Costa {replaced by 43:Connor Ronan 67}, 4:David Edwards, 63:Andreas Weimann {Replaced by 10:Joe Mason 77}, 9:Nouha Dicko {Replaced by 22:Jon Dadi Bodvarsson 71} {Manager:Paul Lambert}