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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Watford can trace their roots to all the major Hertfordshire clubs of the 1870s and 80s but the current club did not come into being until 1898, entering the cup for the first time that same season. It wasn't until 1905 until the Southern League club made it into the competition proper, meeting top flight opponents for the first time when losing to Arsenal. The Hertfordshire club joined the third division in 1920 and remained in the lowest tier of the football league for the next forty-nine years before tasting second tier fotball for the first time in 1969. It was another thirteen years before the Hornets made it to the big time, reaching the cup final in 1984 where Andy Grey's controversial header gave Everton the breathing space they needed to secure victory. Watford's time since has been spent moving between the top two tiers, suffering their only giant killing defeat to date at Birmingham in 2000, forty years after the Hornet's had brought off their own most famous giant killing act against the same club.

Magic Moments


1-0 @ Middlesbrough

First round: Saturday January 12th 1924

Attendance: 24,192

Scorer: Jimmy Stephenson {pen}

Ranked at the time:38

Today: outside the top 100

Team: 1:Reg 'Skilly' Williams, 2:Joe Johnson, 3:, 4:George Toone, 5:Jimmy Eggleton, 6:, 7:Jimmy Stephenson, 8:, 9:Eddie Mummery, 10:Harry Anstiss, 11:Gregory Ford


1-0 vs Stoke City

Fourth Round: Saturday January 24th 1970

Attendance: 23,394

Scorer: Colin Franks

Ranked at the time: 202

Team 1:Mike Walker, 2:Duncan Welbourne, 3:Johnny Williams, 4:Keith Eddy, 5:Walter Lees, 6:Tom Walley, 7:Terry Garbett, 8:Colin Franks, 9:Barry Endean, 10:Ray Lugg, 11:Stewart Scullion

1-0 Liverpool

Quarter Final: Saturday February 21st 1970

Attendance: 34,047

Scorer: Barry Endean

Ranked at the time: 222

{image right Tom Walley and Duncan Welbourne congratulate Barry Endean while a forlorn Tommy Lawrence stands in the background}

Team 1:Mike Walker, 2:Duncan Welbourne, 3:Johnny Williams, 4:Ray Lugg, 5:Walter Lees, 6:Tom Walley, 7:Stewart Scullion, 8:Terry Garbutt, 9:Barry Endean, 10:Mike Packer, 11:Brian Owen