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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The club came into being as Southport Central in 1881 and went through a series of names before finally deciding that the name of the town was sufficient in 1919. They first appeared in the first round proper of the cup in 1883 and met their first top flight opponent twelve years later but did enough in non league football to warrant a place in the newly formed Northern section of the third division in 1921. The club spent the next fifty-seven years in the lower reaches of the league, dropping into the fourth division on its formation and being promoted back out of it just once before finally running out of luck and failing to be re-elected to the league in 1978. Southport still play at their Haig Avenue ground, the scene of their two giant killing acts to date and hopes are high that they can make it back into the Football league in the not too distant future.



2-0 vs Blackburn Rovers

Third round: Saturday January 8th 1927


Scorers: Tommy White, Harry Beadles

Ranked at the time: 53

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Billy Halsall, 2:Jack Allen, 3:?, 4:Tommy Sinclair, 5:Jack Newnes, 6:Jimmy Bimson, 7:?, 8:Harry Beadles, 9:Albert Bradley, 10:George Sapsford, 11:Tommy White


2-1 vs Blackpool

Fourth round: Saturday January 24th 1931

Attendance: 13,524 {record}

Scorers: Archie Waterston {2}

Ranked at the time: 119

Team: 1:Billy Baker, 2:Jack Little, 3:Ted Robinson, 4:Ernie Vincent, 5:George Wyness, 6:Tommy Holmes, 7:Ralph Hills, 8:Pat McConnell, 9:Archie Waterston, 10:Jimmy Cowan, 11:Joe Roberts {Manager-Jimmy Cummins}