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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Shrewsbury Town

Shrewsbury Town were formed back in 1886 but it wasn't until after the Second World War that the club came to the attention of the Nation after a series of good performances in the Midland League earned them election to the Football League in 1950. Back in those days the Third Division was the basement and the Shrews spent the better part of the next thirty-years moving between it and the later formed Fourth Division. 1979 was the club's landmark year when they won promotion to Division Two for the first time in their history and got their name in the hat for the F A cup semi finals, though they ultimately lost their quarter final replay. The years since have seen the club drop back into the third and fourth tiers although a brief stay in the fifth tier in 2003 coincided with the club's greatest ever day in the cup when they silenced Europe chasing Everton at the old Gay Meadow 

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Manchester City

Fourth Round: Saturday January 27th 1979


Scorers: Sammy Chapman, Paul Maguire

Ranked at the time: 139

Team: 1:Bob Wardle, 2:Jake King, 3:Tony Larkin, 4:Graham Turner, 5:Colin Griffin, 6:Jack Keay, 7:Bob 'Sammy' Chapman, 8:Ian Atkins, 9:David Tong, 10:Steve Biggins, 11:Paul Maguire: Manager: Graham Turner2003

2-1 vs Everton

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 2003

Attendance: 7,800

Scorers: Nigel Jemson {2}

Ranked at the time: 11

Town: 1:Ian Dunbavin, 2:Darren Moss, 31:Alex Smith, 12:Peter Wilding, 30:David Artell, 17:Ryan Lowe {replaced by 11:Sam Aiston-85}, 8:Mark Atkins, 4:Jamie Tolley, 20:Ian Woan, 9:Luke Rodgers {replaced by 7:Steve Jagielka-81}, 10:Nigel Jemson {replaced by 14:Liam Drysdale-90} {Manager-Kevin Ratcliffe}