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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Wednesday {they didn't officially add Sheffield until 1929} were the scurge of the Football League in its early days until eventually being invited to join in 1893. Wednesday have spent the majority of their time since as a top flight club winning the title four times, most recently in 1930, and the cup in 1896,1907 and 1935. Wednesday were relegated three years later, paving the way for their greatest cup upset when they disposed of Everton in 1947. The club had been more used to being on the wrong end of such results with many fans of that era able to recall their disastrous defeat by Norwich in 1908. Other humiliations had come against Rading, 1929, Barnsley, 1931 and Chesterfield in 1933 but worse was to follow when Wednesday returned to the top tier. Their 1964 defeat by Newport still haunts older fans and was only marginally worse than being overturned by Scunthorpe in 1970. That final defeat came in a season that began a slump for the club that saw them drop into the division three for the first time in 1976. Wednesday have since made it back to the big time, reaching the cup final in 1993 but they played their last Premier League game in 2000.

Magic Moments


3-2 vs Notts County


2-1 vs Accrington

Second round: 1st February 1890

Scorers: Tom Cawley, Winterbottom

Ranked at the time: 3

Today: outside the top 600


2-1 vs Notts County

Quarter final: 3rd March 1890

@ The Racecourse, Derby

Scorers: Tom Cawley 2

Ranked at the time: 5

Today: outside the top 600


2-1 vs Bolton Wanderers

Semi final: 8th March 1890

@ Perry Barr, Aston

Scorers: Mumford 2

Ranked at the time: 3

Today: outside the top 600


3-2 @ Derby County

Second round: 31st January 1891

Scorers: Hodder, Harry Brandon, Winterbottom

Ranked at the time: 2

Today: outside the top 500


4-1 vs Blackpool

Third round: Saturday January 11th 1947

Attendance: 31,240

Scorers: Redfern Froggatt {2}, Oscar Cox, George Hunt

Ranked at the time: 17

Team: 2:Frank Westlake, 3:Hugh Swift, 4:Tommy Gale, 8:George Hunt, 9:Jimmy Dailey, 10:Redfern Froggatt, Roy Smith

2-1 vs Everton

Fourth Round: Saturday January 25th 1947

Attendance: 62,250

Scorers: Redfern Froggatt, Charlie Tomlinson

Ranked at the time: 124

Team: 1:Roy Smith, 2:Frank Westlake, 3:Hugh Swift, 4:John Logan, 5:Tommy Gale, 6:Joe Cockroft, 7:Ron Thompson, 8:George Hunt, 9:Jimmy Dailey, 10:Redfern Froggatt, 11:Charlie Tomlinson