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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Sheffield United were formed in 1889 and instantly entered the F A cup. Having won through the qualifying rounds their first tie in the competition proper was against a top flight club, and they won it! United reached the top flight themselves in 1893 and were champions for the only time in their history in 1898. F A cup wins followed in 1899, 1902, 1915 and most recently 1925 when Tunstall scored the only goal at Wembley against Cardiff. United have been all the way down to division four and all the way back to the Premier League in the years since, last playing among the elite in 2007, and so have experienced both sides of the cup shock coin several times. Most memorable was a fantastic win over Tottenham in 1958 while conversely their greatest ever team, the 1898 vintage, were humbled by Burslem Port Vale.

Magic Moments


2-1 vs Burnley

First round: 18th January 1890

Scorers: Robertson, T Wilson

Ranked at the time: 2

Today: outside the top 600


2-0 Preston North End

Fourth Round Replay: Thursday January 30th 1936


Scorers: Harry Barton, Jock Dodds

Ranked at the time:217

Team: 1:Jack Smith, 2:?, 3:? 4:Stacey, 5:?, 6:?, 7:Harry Barton, 8:Bobby Barclay, 9:Jock Dodds, 10:?, 11:?


3-1 vs Leeds United

Fifth Round: Saturday February 15th 1936

Attendance: 68,202 [record]

Scorers: Jack Pickering {2}, Jock Dodds

Ranked at the time: 201

Team: 1:Jack Smith, 2:Harry Hooper, 3:? 4:Ernest Jackson, 5:Tom Johnson, 6:Archie McPherson, 7:Harold Barton, 8:Bobby Barclay, 9:Jock Dodds, 10:Jack Pickering, 11:Bertie Williams


2-1 @ Blackpool

Third round: Saturday January 7th 1939

Attendance: 12,000

Scorers: Harry Hooper, Jimmy Hagan

Ranked at the time: 287

Team:1:Jack Smith, 2:Young, 3:Carr, 4:?. 5:Harry Barton, 6:Harold Hampson, 7:Harry Hooper, 8:Jimmy Hagan, 9:?, 10:Jack Pickering, 11:?


2-1 vs Everton

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 1970

Attendance: 29,116

Scorers: Colin Addison, Gil Reece

Ranked at the time: 98

Team: 1:Alan Hodgkinson, 2:Len Badger, 3:Ted Hemsley, 4:Frank Barlow, 5:Eddie Colquhoun, 6:John Flynn, 7:Alan Woodward, 8:Tony Currie, 9:Colin Addison, 10:Geoff Salmons, 11:Gil Reece


2-1 at Aston Villa

Third round: Saturday January 4th 2014

Attendance: 24,038

Scorers: Jamie Murphy, Ryan Flynn

Ranked at the time:93

Team: 25:George Long, 29:Tony McMahon, 6:Matt Hill, 14:Stephen McGinn, 15:Neil Collins, 5:Harry Maguire, 7:Ryan Flynn, 8:Michael Doyle, 9:Chris Porter [32: Terry Kennedy -90+1], 11:Jose Baxter [17:Conor Coady -80], 23:Jamie Murphy [12: Shaun Miller -90+2], Manager: Nigel Clough

1-0 at Fulham

Fourth round replay: Tuesday February 4th 2014 {After Extra Time}

Attendance: 10,139

Scorer: Shaun Miller

Ranked at the time:98

United: 1:Mark Howard, 4:John Brayford, 3:Bob Harris, {Matt Hill-90} 14:Stephen McGinn, 5:Harry Maguire, 15:Neil Collins, 7:Ryan Flynn, 17:Conor Coady, 9:Chris Porter, {11:Jose Baxter-75}, 21:Stefan Scougall, {12: Shaun Miller-97}, 23:Jamie Murphy, Manager: Nigel Clough


2-0 at Queens Park Rangers

Third round: Sunday January 4th 2015

Attendance: 12,972

Scorers: Marc McNulty, Jamal Campbell-Ryce {2}

Ranked at the time:208

Team: 1:Mark Howard, 12:Marc McNulty {Replaced by 9:Jamie Murphy-82}, 19:Jay McEveley, 27:Terry Kennedy, 3:Bob Harris, 8:Michael Doyle {Replaced by 21:Michael Higden-90+2}, 22:Louis Reed, 7:Ryan Flynn, 10:Stefan Scougall, 20:Jamal Campbell-Ryce, 11:Jose Baxter {Replaced by 4:James Wallace-90}