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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Irons came into being in 1899 before merging in 1910 with Lindsay United to become Scunthorpe & Lindsay United. By the 1920s the club were considered strong enough to start applying for membership of the Football League but were repeatedly rejected, having to remain one of the strongest sides in the Midlands League instead. The Irons had to wait almost thirty years before League expansion in 1950 finally saw them given their chance and a major reason why they waited so long may well have been their failure to secure a major F a Cup upset during that time. Once in the League Scunthorpe [having dropped the Lindsay part of their name] did secure their first major cupset, as well as promotion to the second tier but their biggest day in the cup came in 1970 when Sheffield Wednesday were humbled at Hillsborough.

Magic Moment


2-1 at Sheffield Wednesday

Fourth Round: Saturday January 24th 1970

{image above: John Barker [3] lies unconcious after equalising for United, George Kerr celebrates while Angus Davidson calls for the physio}

Attendance: 38,047

Scorers: John Barker, Nigel Cassidy

Ranked at the time: 49

Team: 1:Geoff Barnard, 2:Graham Foxton, 3:John Barker, {replaced by 12:Graham Rusling}, 4:Steve Deere, 5:Mick Atkin, 6:Don Welbourne, 7:Kevin Keegan, 8:Nigel Cassidy, 9:George Kerr, 10:Terry Heath, 11:Angus Davidson