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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


United officially formed in 1925 when Third Division side Rotherham County merged with Midland League side Rotherham Town as it became apparant that the town was simply not big enough to sustain two clubs of that stature. Town themselves were a namesake of an earlier incarnation that had also played in the Second Division in the 1890s. Neither Town nor County ever experienced either the joy of top flight Football or a cup victory over an elite side. United spent the era between the wars in the third tier but their golden age came in the 1950s, memorably winning at Newcastle on the way to the fifth round of the cup in 1953. Two years later only goal average denied The Millers a place in the top flight and the years since have been spent dropping and climbing between the second and fourth tiers.  

Magic Moments


3-1 @ Newcastle United

Fourth Round: Saturday January 31st 1953

Attendance: 54,356

Scorers: Jack Grainger {2}, Walter Rickett

Ranked at the time: 156

Team:1:Jock Quairney, 2:Jack Selkirk, 3:Dennis Warner, 4:Jack Edwards, 5:Norman Noble, 6:Danny Williams, 7:Jack Grainger, 8:Gladstone Guest, 9:Jack Shaw, 10:Colin Rawson, 11:Walter Rickett. Manager:Andy Smailes


1-0 vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Third Round: Saturday January 27th 1968

Attendance: 14,841

Scorer: Jim Storrie

Ranked at the time: 282

Team: 1:Alan Hill, 2:Dave Watson, 3:Neil Hague, 4:Johnny Quinn, 5:Trevor Swift, 6:Brian Tiler, 7:Andy Wilson, 8:Les Chappell, 9:Jim Storrie, 10:John Shepherd, 11:David Bentley