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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Formed: 1878

F A Cup & First Round debut: 1878

Semi Finalists: 1927 & 2015

Football Pyramid

4th tier debut: 1910 [most recent 1984]

3rd tier debut: 1894 [most recent 2002]

2nd tier debut: 1926 [most recent 2012]

1st tier debut 2006 [most recent 2013]


Second Tier Champions: 2006, 2012

Full Members Cup: 1988


3-1 vs West Bromwich Albion

Fifth Round: Saturday February 20th 2016

Madejski Stadium

Attendance: 19,566

Team: 26:Ali Al Habsi, 2:Chris Gunter, 5:Paul McShane, 35:Jake Cooper, 11:Jordan Obita, 9:Hal Robson-Kanu, 6:Oliver Norwood, 8:Michael Hector, 21:Stephen Quinn {replaced by 17:Lucas Piazon-90+3}, 10:Deniss Rakels {replaced by 20:Ola John-59}, 31: Simo Cox {replaced by 7:Matej Vydra-59}. Manager: Brian McDermott


1-0 @ Bolton Wanderers

Second round: 23rd February 1901

Scorers: A. Sharp

Attendance: 10,000

Ranked at the time: 8

Today: outside the top 200


2-1 @ Notts County

First round: January 25th 1902

Scorers: Allison, Alec Davidson

Attendance: 20,000

Ranked at the time: 17

Today: outside the top 300


1-0 vs Aston Villa

Second round replay: 7th February 1912


Scorer: James Foster

Ranked at the time: 20

Today: Outside the top 100

Team: 1:James Caldwell, 2:Jack Smith, 3:Fred Bartholomew, 4:Smart, 5:Ted Hanney, 6:Jimmy Bradley, 7:Harry Lee, 8:G W Bailey, 9:Alan Foster, 10:Len Andrews, 11:Haydn Green


1-0 vs Tottenham Hostpur

Second round: 1st February 1913

Attendance: 20,000

Scorer: Reggie Pinfield

Ranked at the time: 64

Today: Outside the top 300

Team: 1:Rab Bernard, 2:Jack Smith, 3:Charlie Stevens, 4:?, 5:?, 6:Ted Hanney, 7:J Morris, 8:Joe Bailey, 9:Reggie Pinfield, 10:Max Seeburg, 11:A Burton


2-1 vs Manchester United

Third round second replay: Monday January 17th 1927

Villa Park, Birmingham

Attendance: 16,500

Scorers: Frank Richardson {pen}, Bill Johnstone

Ranked at the time: 124

Team: 1:Joe Duckworth, 2:Bert Eggo, 3:Pat McConnell, 4:Bill Inglis, 5:Alf Messer, 6:Dai Evans, 7:Murdo McDonald, 8:Ted Braithwaite, 9:Bill Johnstone, 10:Frank Richardson, 11:Jack Robson


1-0 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Fourth round: Saturday January 26th 1929

Attendance: 25,248

Scorer Bill Johnstone

Ranked at the time: 12

Today: Inside the top 70

Team: 1:Joe Duckworth, 2:Ted Smith, 3:Alf Messer, 4:Sid Chandler, 5:Bill Inglis, 6:Tommy Meads, 7:Harry Goodwin, 8:Murdo McDonald, 9:Bill Johnstone, 10:John Hunter, 11:Bert Oswald


2-1 @ Liverpool

Third round replay {After Extra Time}: Wednesday January 13th 2010

Attendance: 31,063

Scorers: Gylfi Sigurdsson, Shane Long

Ranked at the time: 198

Today: Outside the top 100

Team: 1:Adam Federici, 5:Matthew Mills {cautioned}, 16:Ivar Ingimarsson {cautioned}, 24:Ryan Bertrand, 4:Kalifa Cisse {replaced by 34:Brian Howard 59}, 6:Brynjar Gunnarsson {cautioned}, 11:Jobi McAnuff, 20:Jem Karacan {cautioned-replaced by 9:Shane Long 81}, 25:Gylfi Sigurdsson, 18:Simon Church, 23:Grzegorz Rasiak {replaced by 14:Jimmy Kebe 65}

1-0 vs Burnley

Fourth round: Saturday January 23rd 2010

Attendance: 12,910

Scorer: Gylfi Sigurdsson

Ranked at the time: 435

Team: 1:Adam Federici, 5:Matthew Mills {cautioned}, 16:Ivar Ingimarsson {cautioned}, 24:Ryan Bertrand, 40:Andy Griffin, 6:Brynjar Gunnarsson {replaced by 14:Jimmy Kebe 75},11:Jobi McAnuff, 20:Jem Karacan, 25:Gylfi Sigurdsson, 18:Simon Church {replaced by 9:Shane Long 74}, 23:Grzegorz Rasiak {replaced by 36 Gunnar Thorvaldsson 83}


1-0 West Bromwich Albion

Third Round: Saturday January 8th 2011

Attendance: 13,005

Scorer: Shane Long {image left}

Ranked at the time: 663

Team: 1:Adam Federici, 5:Matthew Mills, 23:Ian Harte, 24:Shane Cummings, 26:Alex Pearce, 4:Jem Karacan, 8:Mikele Leigertwood, 11:Jobi McAnuff, 14: Jimmy Kebe, 9:Shane Long {replaced by 18:Simon Church-75}: 10:Noel Hunt {Replaced by 19:Hal Robson-Kanu-85}