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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Queen's Park Rangers were formed in 1882 but didn't emerge as a club of note until the turn of the 20th Century when they joined the Southern League. the club gained entry to the Football League in 1920 and spent the next forty-eight years moving between the second and third tier of the league before making it to the big time in 1968. Rangers have spent the four decades since moving back and forward between the top two divisions with their last top flight game being back in 1996. The Rs have never been champions or cup winners but did win the league cup while in the third tier of the league in 1967. They also reached the F A cup final in 1982 but Terry Fenwick's goal was only good enough to secure a replay which was lost to Tottenham. Prior to the '82 cup final Ranger's biggest day in cup history was their shock defeat of Wolves during their Southern league days back in 1900.

Magic Moments


1-0 at Wolverhampton Wanderers

First round replay: 31st January 1900

Scorer: Frank Bedingfield

Attendance: 6,000

Ranked at the time: 3

Team: Henry Clutterbuck, Joe Knowles, Alex McConnell, Gavin Crawford, Alf Hitch, Bill Keech, Peter Turnbull, Adam Haywood, Frank Bedingfield, Bill White, Jimmy Hannah: Manager-James Cowan


2-0 vs Arsenal

First round: Saturday January 8th 1921

Attendance: 20,000

Scorers: Arthur Chandler, Jack Smith

Ranked at the time:39

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Len Hill, 2:Blackman or Grimsdell, 3:Joseph Wingrove, 4:George Grant, 5:Archie Mitchell, 6:Mick O'Brien, 7:Arthur Chandler, 8:Jimmy Birch, 9:Jack Manning, 10:Jack Gregory, 11:Jack Smith {Manager-Ned Liddle}


3-0 vs Stoke City

Fourth Round: Saturday January 24th 1948

Attendance: 24,100

Scorers: Cyril Hatton {2}, Fred Ramscar

Ranked at the time: 136

Team: 1:Reg Allen, 2:George Powell, 3:Arthur Jefferson, 4:Ivor Powell, 5:George Smith, 6:Harry Daniels, 7:Billy McEwan, 8:Fred Ramscar, 9:Danny Boxshall, 10:Cyril Hatton, 11:Johnny Hartburn {Manager: Dave Mangnall}


1-0 vs Derby County

Fifth Round: Saturday February 7th 1970

Attendance: 27,685

Scorer: Dave MacKay {own goal}

Ranked at the time: 375

{image above; Q P R playes celebrate after Tony Hazell's shot deflected off Dave MacKay for the Second Division side's second half winner.}

Team 1:Mike Kelly, 2:Dave Clement, 3:Ian Gillard, 4:Ian Watson, 5:Vic Mobley, 6:Tony Hazell, 7:Barry Bridges, 8:Terry Venables, 9:Frank Clarke, 10:Rodney Marsh, 11:Mick Ferguson