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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Port Vale's participayion in the cup pre dates League football but they themselves were not considered for the new League in 1888. They did get a place in the newly formed second division however but over a century later top flight football still eludes them. In the cup it was during a spell outside the league in 1898 that they first made headline when knocking out Sheffield United though most Vales fans think back to their run to the semi finals in 1954 as the club's greatest moment.

All time classics


2-1 vs Sheffield United

First round replay {after extra time}: 2nd February 1898

Scorers: Dick Evans, Lucien Boullemier

Ranked at the time: 1

Today: In the all time top 100


2-0 vs Sunderland

Third Round Replay: Monday, January 13th 1936


Scorers: George Stabbs {7}, Trevor Rhodes {24}

Ranked at the time: 7

Today: Still inside the top 30

Team: 1:John Potts, 2:Roderick Welsh, 3:Jack Vickers, 4:Michael Curley, 5:Harry Griffiths, 6:Roger Jones, 7:Cliff Johnson, 8:Trevor Rhodes, 9:James Baker, 10:George Stabb, 11:Arthur Caldwell


Magic Moment


2-1 vs Burnley

First round: 18th January 1890

Scorers: Robertson, T Wilson

Ranked at the time: 2

Today: outside the top 600