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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Norwich City can boast being the first British club ever to win a European game at Bayern Munich and yet their fans have yet to see the club grace an F A cup final, having lost out in three semi finals. City started out in 1902 and had already caused four cup upsets, including memorable defeats of Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland by the time they were admitted into the newly formed Third Division in 1920. It took Norwich twelve years to make it to the second tier and another forty before The Canaries finally reached the big time in 1972. Along the way there were four more major cup upsets of Arsenal in 1954, local rivals Ipswich in 1962 and Manchester United twice, in 1967 but most memorably in 1959 during a famous run to the semi finals. Norwich have remained in the top two divisions ever since.

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Sheffield Wednesday

First round: 11th January 1908

Attendance: 10,366

Scorers: James Beauchop, Tommy Allsopp

Ranked at the time: 3


3-2 @ Liverpool

Second round: 6th February 1909

Attendance: 30,000

Scorers: Tommy Allsopp {pen}, Jimmy Tomlinson, Smith

Ranked at the time: 9


3-1 vs Sunderland

First round: 14th January 1911

Attendance: 11,426

Scorers: Billy Hampson [image left], Eddie Whiteside

Ranked at the time: 4


3-2 vs Tottenham Hotspur

Second round: January 30th 1915

Attendance: 9,758

Scorers: Wilson {2}, Billy Taylor

Ranked at the time: 64

Norwich City:1:Joe Lansdale, 2:John Allen, 3:Jock MacKenzie, 4:Allan Collins, 5:Arthur Woodlands, 6:George 'Pompey' Martin, 7:Cecil Potter, 8:Wally Taylor, 9:Danny Wilson, 10:George Ritchie, 11:Harry Woods

Team courtesy 'Sing up the River End'


2-1 @ Leeds United

Fourth Round Replay: Wednesday January 30th 1935

Attendance: 27,000

Scorers: Jack Vinall, Ken Burditt

Ranked at the time: 146

Team: 1:Norman Wharton, 2:Halliday, 3:Bowen, 4:Bernard Robinson, 5:Scott, 6:Duggie Lochhead, 7:Alf Kirchen, 8:Ken Burditt, 9:Jack Vinall, 10:Houghton, 11:Jack Russell {Manager:Tom Parker}


3-0 vs Liverpool

Third round: Saturday January 16th 1937

Attendance: 26,800

Scorers: Jack Vinall {1,6} Scott {?} {half time 2-0}

Ranked at the time: 157


3-1 vs Liverpool

Third Round: Saturday January 6th 1951

Attendance: 34,693

Scorers: Tom Docherty {2}, Noel Kinsey

Ranked at the time: 130

Team: 1:Ken Nethercott, 2:John Duffy, 3:Bill Lewis, 4:Don Pickwick, 5:Reg Foulkes, 6:Ron Ashman, 7:Johnny Gavin, 8:Noel Kinsey, 9:Roy Hollis, 10:Les Eyre, 11:Tom Docherty


2-1 at Manchester United

Fourth Round: Saturday February 18th 1967

Attendance: 63,405

Scorers: Don Heath, Gordon Bolland

Ranked at the time: 28

Team: 1:Kevin Keelan, 2:Dave Stringer, 3:Joe Mullett, 4:Mal Lucas, 5:Laurie Brown, 6:Terry Allcock, 7:Mike Kenning, 8:Don Heath, 9:Tommy Bryceland, 10:Gordon Bolland, 11: Terry Anderson: Manager: Lol Morgan


2-1 @ Arsenal

Fourth Round: Saturday January 30th 1954

Attendance: 55,767

Scorers: Tommy Johnston {2,}

Ranked at the time: 28

Team: 1:Ken Oxford, 2:Dennis Morgan, 3:Bill Lewis, 4:Roy McCrohan, 5:Reg Foulkes, 6:Ron Ashman, 7:Peter Gordon, 8:Ron Hansell, 9:Tommy Johnston, 10:Bobby Brennan {sent off - 33}, 11:Johnny Gavin. Manager:Norman Low