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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Cobblers first entered the cup in 1898, reacing the first round for the first time in 1901and joining the Football League in 1920 as a third tier club. Their golden era came in the 1960s when the club climbed from the fourth tier to the big time in six years but sadly the climb was too much too fast and within five years they had sunk all the way back to the fourth tier again. In the cup their greatest moment came in 1934 with a huge shock victory at Huddersfield though most fans today remember a classic victory over Coventry in 1990.

All time classic


2-0 at Huddersfield Town

Fourth round: Saturday January 27th 1934

Attendance: 28,423

Scorers: Tommy Boyle, Tom Wells

Ranked at the time: 4

Today: Inside the top 20

Team: 1: Tommy Allen, 2: Fred Dawes, 3: Tommy Crilly, 4: Frank Davies, 5:Riches, 6: Jimmy McGuire, 7: Tom Wells, 8: Danny Tolland, 9: George Henson, 10: Tommy Boyle, 11: Andy Mitchell

Magic Moment


1-0 vs Sheffield Wednesday

First round replay: 20th January 1910


Scorer: Bob Walker

Ranked at the time: 29

Today: Outside the top 200