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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Newcastle United were formed in 1892 with the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End and have gone on to be Champions of England four times, in 1905, 1907, 1909 and most recently in 1927. The Magpies also have a proud cup history, lifting the trophy in 1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952 before George Hanna hammered home the final nail in Manchester City's coffin in 1955. A proud history spent mostly among the elite has left the Magpies open to more disastrous cup exits than most clubs. They have on occasion been a difficult opponent when playing in the lower divisions also, though their status makes their own cupset minor ones.

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Sheffield United

First round: 27th January 1894

Scorers: Joe Wallace - 2

Ranked at the time: 9

Today: outside the top 600

Team: 1:W Lowery, 2:Harry Jeffery, 3:Tom Rogers, 4:Robert Crielly, 5:Willie Graham, 6:Joseph McKane, 7:C Quinn, 8:Thomas Crate, 9:Willie Thompson, 10:Joe Wallace, 11:John Law


2-1 vs Burnley

First round: 2nd February 1895

Scorers: Tom Rendell - 2

Ranked at the time: 11

Today: outside the top 500

Team: W A Ward: Pat O'Brien: Bob McDermidd: Bobby Crielly: Willie Graham: Tom Rendell: Jock Smith: Bobby Willis: Willie Thompson: John McNee: Charles Dickson


2-1 @ Preston North End

First round: 29th January 1898

Scorers: Jock Peddie {2} {half time 1-1}

Ranked at the time: 18

Today: outside the top 600

Team: Charlie Watts, John White, James Jackson, Tommy Ghee, Jack Ostler, Jimmy Stott, Ronald Allan, John Harvey, Jock Peddie, Andy Aitken, Willie Wardrope


3-1 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Fourth Round Replay: Wednesday January 29th 1936

Attendance: 27,053

Scorers: Jack Smith, Wilf Bott {2}

Ranked at the time: 202

Team:1:Norman Tapken, 2:Joe Richardson, 3:Alf Garnham, 4:Jimmy Gordon, 5:Dave Davidson, 6:Sam Weaver, 7:Wilf Bott, 8:Harry Ware, 9:Jack Smith, 10:Eddie Connelly, 11:Tommy Pearson


2-0 @ Brentford

Fifth round: Saturday February 11th 1939


Scorers: Harry Clifton, Tom Mooney

Ranked at the time: 255

Team: 1:Tom Swinburne, 2:Joe Richardson, 3:Robert Ancell, 4:Jimmy Gordon, 5:Jesse Carver, 6:Douggie Wright, 7:Ralph Burkitt, 8:Harry Clifton, 9:Willie Scott, 10:Ray Bowden, 11:Tom Mooney


2-0 @ Sheffield United

Quarter Final: Saturday March 1st 1947

Attendance: 46,911

Scorers: Roy Bentley {pen}, Jackie Milburn

Ranked at the time: 189

Team: 1:Tom Swinburne, 2:Bobby Cowell, 3:Bobby Corbett, 4:Jimmy Woodburn, 5:Frank Brennan, 6:John Wright, 7:Jackie Milburn, 8:Roy Bentley, 9:Charlie Wayman, 10:Len Shackleton, 11:Tommy Pearson