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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Dons have a complicated history, intertwined with Wimbledon. The original Wimbledon club had fought their way up to the top flight in the 1980s, winning the cup for the only time when Laurie Sanchez's header beat Liverpool in 1988. The rot set in for Wimbledon when they sold their ground and entered into ground sharing in the 90s before finally opting to relocate the club in its entirity to the fast growing new town of Milton Keynes in 2003. While the club continued for another season before renaming themselves the MK Dons in 2004, Wimbledon's fans, who objected bitterly and boycotted the new club, reformed Wimbledon as a new club. The Dons continued as the most reviled team in the League, viewed by fans of other clubs as a pariah club. Fans of visiting teams would even boycott going to watch their club play MK until the Dons signed an agreement with Wimbledon to relinquish any claim on Wimbledon's history or honours, returning all the club memorabilia to Wimbledon in the process. The club have never been above the third tier and achieved their first cupset in 2013. 

Magic Moment


4-2 vs Queens Park Rangers

Fourth round: Saturday January 27th 2013

Attendance: 17,081

Scorers: Armand Traore {own goal}, Ryan Lowe, Ryan Harley, Darren Potter

Ranked at the time: 378

Team: 1:David Martin, 2:Jon Otsemobor, 3:Dean Lewington, 5:Gary MacKenzie {replaced by 20:Ryan Harley - 20}, 12:Adam Chicksen, 24:Antony Kay, 6:Shaun Williams, 8:Darren Potter, 11:Alan Smith {replaced by 23:Chris Lines - 75}, 9:Dean Bowditch {replaced by 21: Barnidelle Alli - 90}, 14:Ryan Lowe