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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Nops came into being in 1890 due to the frustration of Middlesbrough members at that club's reluctance to turn professional and set up home at the Paradise ground, down the street from Ayresome Park. Talk of a re-merging of the two clubs was suggested the following year in a bid to gain Football League status but any prospect of the two coming back together died when the league turned them down. Ironopolis continued to be the stronger of the two Middlesborough clubs though and finally gained entry to the League division two in 1893. Sadly it proved to be a poisoned chalice and the club went into financial meltdown, forcing them to serve notice to their players that once they had fulfilled their fixture commitments at the end of the season the club would be wound up, bringing to an end the short history of perhaps the most romantically named club in league history.

Magic Moment


3-2 vs Notts County

Second round: 4th February 1893

Scorers: J Hill, Archie Hughes, W McArthur

Ranked at the time: 7