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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Stags of Nottinghamshire had been in existance for over forty years before they made any major impact on the FA cup when, as a Midland League club, they humbled Wolverhampton Wanderers of Division Two in 1929. The side had dominated Midlands non league Football in the twenties but the expected election to the Football League eluded them, once at the expense of a clearly inferior York City team. Mansfield learned the art of making the right noises towards the closed shop of the Football League and were rewarded with a place at the table in 1931. The club rarely threatened promotion into the second tier and, although they managed to avoid being founder members of Division Four, they dropped into that tier within two years of it's formation. The Stags greatest season was in 1977 when they won promotion to the second tier for the only time in their history but their single season in that company saw them unable to survive and they quickly returned to Division Three the next year. Mansfield's seventy-seven year stay in the Football League came to an end in 2008 then they dropped into the fifth tier, bouncing back in 2013. In the cup their greatest day remains their 3-0 hammering of a West Ham side that included three World Cup winners in 1969

Magic Moments


1-0 @ Wolverhampton Wanderers

Third round: Saturday January 12th 1929

Attendance: 20,000

Scorer: Edwin McLachlan

Ranked at the time: 151

Team: 1:, 2:, 3:, 4:, 5:, 6:Harry Morris, 7:Richard Cooke, 8:Edwin McLachlan, 9:Orris, 10:, 11: {Manager-Jack Hickling}


3-0 vs West Ham United

Fifth Round: Wednesday February 26th 1969

Attendance: 21,117

Scorers: Dudley Roberts, Ray Keeley, Nick Sharkey

Ranked at the time: 25

Team: 1:Dave Hollins, 2:Sandy Pate, 3:Mick Hopkinson, 4:Johnny Quigley, 5:Stuart Boam, 6:Phil Waller, 7:Ray Keeley, 8:Nick Sharkey, 9:Bob Ledger, 10: Dudley Roberts, 11:Jimmy Goodfellow, Manager: Tommy Eggleston