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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Luton Town

Founded: 1885. Turned professional: 1890

F A Cup and First Round debut: 1886

Finalists: 1959

Football Pyramid

5th tier debut: 2009 [Most recent: 2014]

4th tier debut: 1965 [Current]

3rd tier debut: 1920 [Most recent: 2008]

2nd tier debut: 1897 [Most recent: 2007]

1st tier debut: 1955 [Most recent: 1992]


Football League Cup Winners: 1988


1-0 vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Third Round, Saturday, January 5th 2013

Kenilworth Road, Luton

Attendance: 9,638

Ranked at the time: 142

Team: 1:Mark Tyler, 2:Lathaniel Rowe-Turner, 3:Greg Taylor, 6:Janos Kovacs, 25:Ronnie Henry, 7:Alex Lawless, 14:Arnaud Mendy, J J O'Donnell {replaced by 13:Stuart Fleetwood [77]), 24:Jonathan Smith, 9:Jon Shaw, 27:Andre Gray {replaced by 10:Scott Rendell [90]}

1-0 @ Norwich City

Fourth Round, Saturday, January 26th 2013

Carrow Road, Norwich

Attendance: 26,521

Ranked at the time: 6

Team: 1:Mark Tyler, 2:Lathaniel Rowe-Turner, 3:Greg Taylor, 6:Janos Kovacs, 11:Jake Howells, 25:Ronnie Henry, 7:Alex Lawless, 14:Arnaud Mendy {replaced by 17:J J O'Donnell - 78}, 24:Jonathan Smith, 9:Jon Shaw {replaced by 24:Scott Rendell -74}, 27:Andre Gray {replaced by 13:Stuart Fleetwood - 75}


2-0 vs Chelsea

Third Round Replay: Wednesday January 16th 1935

Attendance: 23,041

Scorers: Jack Ball, Fred Roberts

Ranked: 94

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Joe Coen {image right}, 2:Smith,, 3:Reece, 4:Brown, 5:McGinnigle, 6:Charles Fraser, 7:Wilf Crompton, 8:Bell, 9:Jack Ball, 10:Fred Roberts, 11:Stephenson


2-0 vs Portsmouth

Third Round: Saturday January 6th 1951

Attendance: 21,631

Scorers: Willie Havenga, Willie Davie

Ranked at the time: 96

Team: 1:Bernard Streten, 2:Harry Cooke, 3:Tom 'Bud' Aherne, 4:Bob Morton, 5:Syd Owen, 6:Charlie Watkins, 7:Alec Glover, 8:Wally Shanks, 9:George Stobbart, 10:Willie Davie, 11:Willie Havenga


1-0 Charlton Athletic

Third Round: Saturday January 12th 1952

Attendance: 25,554

Scorer: Gordon Turner

Ranked at the time: 258

Team: 1:Bernard Streten, 2:Shay Dunne, 3:Tom 'Bud' Ahern, 4:Bob Morton, 5:Syd Owen, 6:Charlie Watkins, 7:Roy Davies, 8:Gordon Turner, 9:George Stobbart, 10:Jack Taylor, 11:Bert Mitchell


5-1 vs Manchester City

Fourth Round replay: Wednesday February 4th 1953

Attendance: 21,991

Scorers: Gordon Turner {3} Roy Little {own goal} Bert Mitchell

Ranked at the time: 115

Team: 1:Ron Baynham, 2:Les Jones, 3:Tom 'Bud' Aherne, 4:Bob Morton, 5:Les Hall, 6:Charlie Watkins, 7:Mick Cullen, 8:Bernard Moore, 9:Jesse Pye, 10:Gordon Turner, 11:Bert Mitchell. Manager:Dally Duncan