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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Orient came into being as the footballing section of the Glyn Cricket Club in 1886, adopting the name Orient two years later and making their way into the Southern League and finally the Football League in 1905. The Os reached the big time in 1962 but were unable to stay up and over the course of the next twenty-three years they slid down the divisions to the fourth tier. It was during this period, while in the old second division that they enjoyed their best cup run, reaching the semi finals in 1978

Magic moment


2-0 vs Newcastle United

Fifth round: Saturday February 20th 1926

Attendance: 31,400 {record attendance}

Scorers: Jack Galbraith, Donald Cock

Ranked at the time: 79

Today: Outside the top 200

{image: all eyes turn goalwards to see Jack Galbraith's (out of picture right) volley break the deadlock}

Team: 1:Arthur Wood, 2:, 3:Tom Evans, 4:Tommy Dixon, 5:Jack Townrow, 6:Jack Galbraith, 7:Peter Gavigan, 8:Bill Henderson, 9:Donald Cock, 10:Jack Tonner, 11:Bob McLoughlan