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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Leicester City hold the distinction of being most luckless club in the history of the Cup Final with four visits to the showpiece having all ended in glorious failure, most recently when coming off second to Manchester City in the goal rush final of 1969. City started out life in 1884 as Leicester Fosse, securing their first cup success over top flight opponents in 1908 and reaching the big time the same year. The club, who changed their name to City in 1919 have experienced a yo-yo existence ever since between the top two divisions before finally dropping into third tier in 2008. Sensationally, eight years later they won their first ever League title. Leicester's regular movement between the top two divisions has seen them appear on both sides of the giant killing experience on numerous occasions with their semi final victory over title chasing Portsmouth in 1949 standing out as perhaps the Foxes greatest day in the cup. 

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Blackburn Rovers

First round: 11th January 1908

Attendance: 16,000

Scorers: Percy Humphreys, Bob Pollock {pen}

Ranked at the time: 62

Today: Outside the top 600


3-2 vs Bury

Second round: 5th February 1910

Attendance: 15,000

Scorers: Fred Threlfall {2}, Syd Owen

Ranked at the time: 79

Today: Outside the top 600

Team:1:Jonty Starbuck 2:Billy Henry 3:Dick Pudan 4:? 5:Andy 'Daddler' Aitken 6:Billy Goldie 7:Davie Walker 8:Fred Threlfall 9:Fred Shinton 10:Shirley Hubbard 11:Syd Owen


3-0 vs Manchester City

Second round: Saturday January 31st 1920

Attendance: 23,000

Scorers:George Douglas, Ernie Walker, Tom Smith

Ranked at the time:53

Today: Outside the top 200

{Image left: Centre forward, Jock Paterson who failed to find the net on this occasion.}

Team: 1:Herbert Brown, 2:Billy Barrett, 3:Sam Currie, 4:George Jobey, 5:Jimmy Harold, 6:Billy Thomson, 7:George Douglas, 8:Tom Smith, 9:Jock Paterson, 10:Jim McAuley, 11:Ernie Walker


1-0 vs Newcastle United

Second round replay: Thursday February 5th 1925


Scorer: George Carr

Ranked at the time:125

Team: 1:Albert Godderidge, 2:Adam Black, 3:Harry Hooper, 4:Billy Newton, 5:Pat Carrigan, 6:Jack Bamber, 7:Adcock or Wyness, 8:Johnny Duncan, 9:Arthur Chandler, 10:George Carr, 11:Harold Wadsworth


4-1 vs Brentford

Fourth Round 2nd replay: Monday February 3rd 1947 {Villa Park, Birmingham}

Attendance: 7,500

Scorers: George Dewis, Mal Griffiths, Arthur Smith {2}

Ranked at the time: 218

Team: 1:Joe Calvert, 2:Billy Frame, 3:Joe Harrison, 4:Walter Harrison, 5:Johnny Grogan, 6:Johnny King, 7:Mal Griffiths, 8:Don Revie, 9:George Dewis, 10:Arthur Smith, 11:Charlie Adam


2-1 @ Birmingham City

Third Round second replay: Monday January 17th 1949

Attendance: 31,609

Scorers: {Birmingham} Don Dorman {47}: {Leicester} Jimmy Harrison {38}, Don Revie {53}

Ranked at the time: 142

Team: 1:Ian McGraw, 2:Ted Jelly, 3:Jimmy Harrison, 4:Walter Harrison, 5:Norman Plummer, 6:Johnny King, 7:Mal Griffiths, 8:Don Revie, 9:Jack Lee, 10:Charlie Adam, 11:Sandy Scott

2-0 Preston North End

Fourth Round: Saturday January 29th 1949

Attendance: 37,775

Scorers: Jack Lee {pen}, Mal Griffiths

Ranked at the time: 146

City: 1:Ian McGraw, 2:Ted Jelly, 3:Jimmy Harrison, 4:Walter Harrison, 5:Norman Plummer, 6:Johnny King, 7:Mal Griffiths, 8:Don Revie, 9:Jack Lee, 10:Ken Chisholm, 11:Charlie Adam

3-1 vs Portsmouth

Semi Final: Saturday March 26th 1949

Attendance: 62,000 {Highbury, London}

Scorers: {City} Don Revie {8, 78}, Ken Chisholm {47}: {Portsmouth} Sandy Scott [o.g. 28}

Ranked at the time: 10

City: 1:Ian McGraw, 2:Ted Jelly, 3:Sandy Scott, 4:Walter Harrison, 5:Norman Plummer, 6:Johnny King, 7:Mal Griffiths, 8:Jack Lee, 9:Don Revie, 10:Ken Chisholm, 11:Charlie Adam {Manager-Johnny Duncan}

1-0 Sunderland

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 1970

Attendance: 24,878

Scorer: Bobby Roberts,

Ranked at the time: 470

Team: 1:Peter Shilton, 2;Peter Rodrigues, 3:Alan Woolett, 4:Bobby Roberts, 5:John Sjoberg, 6:Graham Cross, 7:John Farrington, 8:Rodney Fern, 9:Dave Terse, 10:David Nish, 11:Mike Stringfellow {replaced by 12:Andy Lochhead}

4-2 vs Southampton

Fourth Round replay {after extra time}: Wednesday January 28th 1970

Attendance: 33,399

Scorers: John Farrington, Andy Lochhead {2}, David Nish

Ranked at the time: 375

Team 1:Peter Shilton, 2:Alan Woolett, 3:David Nish, 4:Bobby Roberts, 5:John Sjoberg, 6:Graham Cross, 7:John Farrington, 8:Rodney Fern, 9:Andy Lochhead, 10:Paul Matthews, {replaced by 12:Dave Tearse}, 11:Len Glover


3-2 vs Middlesbrough

Third Round replay: Thursday January 14th 1954

Attendance: 29,736

Scorers: Arthur Rowley {Hat-trick}

Ranked at the time: 357

Team: 1:Johnny Anderson, 2:Arthur Lever, 3:Ron Jackson, 4:Eddie Russell, 5:Reg Warner, 6:Jimmy Baldwin, 7:Mal Griffiths, 8:Johnny Morris, 9:Derek Hines, 10:Arthur Rowley, 11:Peter Small. Manager:Norman Bullock