The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Hull are one of just two clubs formed in the twentieth century who have never played in a League outside the Football League, their solitary season outside it being their first in 1905 when they played only friendlies. The club were admitted to the Second Division the following season, and came within a single goal of promotion to the big time in 1910. Amazingly it would be ninety-eight long years before Hull emulated that team, this time winning promotion through the play-offs, during which time they have sunk to the fourth tier and also secured the scalp of over a dozen top flight clubs in the cup, most notably Burnley in 1921, Manchester City in 1930 and Manchester United in 1952. 21st Century fans have had bigger ideas though and they graced their first appearance in the final in 2014, leading 2-0 at one stage before missing out to Arsenal. 

Magic Moments


4-1 vs Woolwich Arsenal

First round replay: Thursday 16th January1908

Attendance: 16,000

Scorers: Joe Shaw-2, Arthur Temple, Jackie Smith

Ranked at the time: 47

Today: Outside the top 500

Team: 1:Martin Spendiff, 2:George 'Tot' Hedley, 3:Jack McQuillan, 4:George Browell, 5:William Robinson, 6:Frank Martin, 7:Joe 'Stanley' Smith, 8:Jackie Smith, 9:Joe Shaw, 10:Arthur Temple, 11:Gordon Wright


1-0 vs Oldham Athletic

Second round: 4th February 1911

Attendance: 14,000

Scorer: Arthur Temple

Ranked at the time: 82

Today: Outside the top 500

{Above Hull legend Tommy Browell}

Team: 1:Ed Roughley, 2:Tommy Nevins, 3:Jack McQuilan, 4:Tim Wright, 5:Andy Browell, 6:Davy Gordon, 7:Joe 'Stanley' Smith, 8:Arthur Temple, 9:Tommy Browell, 10:Wally Smith, 11:Gordon Wright


 1-0 vs West Bromwich Albion

First round: January 9th 1915

Attendance: 12,142

Scorer: Sammy Stevens

Ranked at the time: 108

{Image: Nick Hendry}

Team: 1:Nick Hendry, 2:Doug Morgan or John Pattison, 3:Charlie Betts, 4:Joe Edelston, 5:Charlie Deacey, 6:Tim Wright, 7:David Mercer, 8:Kilty Cameron, 9:Sammy Stevens, 10:Billy Halligan, 11:Jack Lee


3-0 vs Burnley

Third round: Saturday February 19th 1921

Attendance: 26,000

Scorers:Tom Brandon {2}, Harry Wilson

Ranked at the time:5

Today: Inside the top 100

Team: 1:Billy Mercer, 2:Samuel Cheetham, 3:Matt Bell, 4:Jack Collier, 5:Mike Gilhooley, 6:Tommy Bleakley, 7:Jackie Crawford, 8:Tom Brandon, 9:Daniel McKinney, 10:Harry Sergeaunt, 11:Harry Wilson


5-0 vs Middlesbrough

First round: Saturday January 7th 1922

Attendance: 23,000

Scorers: Jackie Crawford, Robert Coverdale, Paddy Mills, Tommy Bleakley

Ranked at the time: 63

Today: outside the top 200

{Image left: Jock Marshall looks on helplessly as Tommy Bleakly {not in pic} rounds off a miserable afternoon for 'Boro}

Team: 1:Billy Mercer, 2:Jimmy Lodge, 3:Matt Bell, 4:Jack Collier, 5:Mike GilHooley, 6:Tommy Bleakley, 7:Jackie Crawford, 8:Robert Coverdale, 9:Paddy Mills, 10:Charlie Flood, 11:Bobby Hughes


2-1 vs West Bromwich Albion

Third round: Saturday January 8th 1927

Attendance: 24,909

Scorers: William Cowan, Harry Scott

Ranked at the time: 192


1:Geordie Maddison, 2:Jock McGee, 3:Matt Bell, 4:Con Sullivan, 5:Stan Dixon, 6:Tommy Bleakley, 7:George Martin, 8:Harry Scott, 9:William Cowan, 10:George Whitworth, 11:Billy Taylor

3-2 @ Everton

Fourth round second replay: Monday February 2nd 1927: AFTER EXTRA TIME

Villa Park, Birmingham

Attendance: 16,800

Scorers: Jock Guyan, George Whitworth, Harry Scott

Ranked at the time: 175

Team: 1:Geordie Maddison, 2:Jock Mcgee, 3:Matt Bell, 4:Jock Guyan, 5:Stan Dixon, 6:Con Sullivan, 7:George Martin, 8:Harry Scott, 9:George Whitworth, 10:?, 11:Bully Taylor


2-1 at Manchester City

Fifth round: Saturday February 15th 1930

Attendance: 61.574

Scorers: Paddy Mills, Billy Taylor

Ranked at the time:18

Today: Inside the top 90

Team: 1:Fred Gibson, 2:George Goldsmith, 3:Jimmy Howieson, 4:Jimmy Walsh, 5:Arthur Childs, 6:Bill Gowdy, 7:Billy Taylor, 8:Paddy Mills, 9:Stan Alexander, 10:Ronnie Starling, 11:Dally Duncan {Manager-Billy McCracken}

1-0 vs Newcastle United

Quarter final replay: Thursday March 6th 1930

Attendance: 32,930 {record}

Scorer: Jimmy Howieson

Ranked at the time:164

Team: 1:Fred Gibson, 2:George Goldsmith, 3:Matt Bell, 4:Jimmy Howieson, 5:Arthur Childs, 6:Sam Weaver, 7:Billy Taylor, 8:Paddy Mills, 9:Stan Alexander, 10:Ronnie Starling, 11:Dally Duncan

2-0 @ Stoke City
Fifth Round: Saturday February 12th 1949

Attendance: 46,738     

Scorers:Norman Moore, Jimmy Greenhalgh

Ranked at the time: 74      

Hull: 1:Billy Bly, 2:Jack Taylor, 3:Tom Berry, 4:Jimmy Greenhalgh, 5:Harold Meens, 6:Allan Mellor, 7:Ken Harrison, 8:Viggo Jenson, 9:Norman Moore, 10:Willie Buchan, 11:Raich Carter

2-0 vs Everton

Third Round: Saturday January 6th 1951

Attendance: 36,465       

Scorers: Syd Gerrie, Raich Carter

Ranked at the time: 222

Team: 1:Joe Robinson, 2:Wilf Hassall, 3:Viggo Jensen, 4:Don Revie, 5:Tom Berry, 6:Bill Harris, 7:Ken Harrison, 8:Riach Carter {player-manager}, 9:Alf Ackerman, 10:Syd Gerrie, 11:Eddie Burbanks

2-0 @ Manchester United

Third Round: Saturday January 12th 1952

Attendance: 43,517

Scorers: Ken Harrison, Syd Gerrie

Ranked at the time: 11

Team: 1:Joe Robinson, 2:Wilf Hassall, 3:Viggo Jensen, 4:Bill Harris, 5:Tom Berry, 6:Denis Durham, 7:Ken Harrison, 8:Riach Carter, 9:Syd Gerrie, 10:Paul Todd, 11:Eddie Burbanks
3-1 vs Charlton Athletic
Third Round: Saturday January 10th 1953

Attendance: 37,531         

scorers: {City} Bill Harris, Viggo Jensen, Ken Horton

Ranked at the time: 135

Team:1:Joe Robinson, 2:Wilf Hassall, 3:Ernie Phillips, 4:Bill Harris, 5:Andy Davidson, 6:Denis Durham, 7:Ken Harrison, 8:Ken Horton, 9:Syd Gerrie, 10:Viggo Jensen, 11:Brian Cripsey. Manager:Bob Jackson