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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Hartlepool came into being in 1908 and had been a Football League club for four years before they first reached the F A cup competition proper in 1925. The club has spent the vast majority of their league existance struggling at the wrong end of the basement division with several applications for re-election to show for it back in the days before promotion to the League. In the cup their greatest day came with a comfortable defeat of Stoke in 2009.

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Stoke City

Third round: Saturday 3rd January 2009

Attendance: 5,367

Scorers: Michael Nelson, David Foley

Ranked at the time: 177

Team: 21:Arran Lee-Barrett, 15:Anthony Sweeney, 5:Michael Nelson, 6:Sam Collins, 3:Richie Humphries, 8:Richie Jones, 7:Gary Liddle:, 12:Ben Clark, 19:Matty Robson, 18:Michael MacKay, 10:Joel Porter: Subs:2:Jamie McCunnie {on for Sweeney-17}, 17:David Foley {on for MacKay-33}, 11:Andy Monkhouse {on for Jones-90}