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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Harlow Town

Founded: 1879

F A Cup debut: 1947

First Round debut: 1979

F A Cup best season: 1980 4th round

Football Pyramid

Outside Pyramid to 1979 & 1992/3

9th tier debut 1993 [most recent 1998]

8th tier debut 1986 [most recent 1999]

7th tier debut 1982 [most recent 2016]

6th tier debut 1979 [Best finish 10th 2017] [Current]


Isthmian League Division One Champions 1979


1-0 vs Leicester City

Third Round replay, Tuesday, January 8th 1980

Harlow Sports Centre

Attendance: 9,783

Ranked at the time: 4

Team: 1:Paul Kitson.....2:Ray Wickenden.....3:Fred Flack.....4:Tony Gough.....5:Vic Clarke.....6:Peter Adnams.....7:John MacKenzie.....8:Micky Mann.....9:Neil Prosser.....10:Peter Twigg.....11:Roy Austin Manager: Ian Wolstenholme