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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Grmsby made their debut among football's elite in 1901 but their glory days were in the 1930s when they reached two cup semi finals. Their last fixture as a premier club was in 1948 and by the fifties the club were in the lowest tier of league football. Worst still followed in 2010 when the club fell into the fifth tier for the first time. Memories of Grimsby's top flight cup runs are now fading and modern fans usually think first of their glorious defeat of Middlesbrough in 1989.

Magic Moments


2-1 vs Bristol City

First round replay: Wednesday 15th January 1908

Attendance: 7,000

Scorers: Abel Lee, Bob Blanthorne

Ranked at the time: 36

Today: Outside the top 300

Team: 1:Walter Scott, 2:Sid Wheelhouse, 3:John Vincent, 4:Abel Lee {Evans}, 5:Martin Higgins, 6:Albert Hatton, 7:Paddy Stokes, 8:Amos Kilbourne, 9:Bob Blanthorpe, 10:Tommy Hakin, 11:Harry Fletcher


3-2 vs Portsmouth

Third Round: Saturday January 14th 1933

Attendance: 8,000

Scorers: Jimmy Dyson, Pat Glover {2}

Ranked at the time: 134

Team: 1:Tommy Reed, 2:Jim Wright, 3:Hughie Jacobson, 4:Alec Hall, 5:Harry Betmead, 6:Teddy Buck, 7:Jimmy Dyson, 8:Jackie Bestall, 9:Pat Glover, 10:Charlie Craven, 11:Horace Fielding