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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The most mis-pronounced club in English football history, almost always said as Jill-ing-am rather than the more correct Gill-ing-am as the name of the town is actually pronounced, hence the nickname of the Gills and not the Jills. The club started life in the Southern League as New Brompton before taking on the name of their home town in 1912 and gaining admission to the Football League in 1920. The Gills spent the next eighteen years in the third tier without ever coming close to promotion and eventually lost their league status in 1938, dropping back into the Southern League. Gillingham rebuilt a side regarded as good enough to rejoin the league in 1950 but yet again the next half century saw them never able to rise beyond the third tier. The twenty-first century has seen never before achieved heights for The Gills as they reached the second tier for the first time in their history but after a few promising mid table finishes they were relegated and are now back in the third tier. Gillingham giant killing acts have been thin on the ground never matching the sensation caused when, as New Brompton, they sent Sunderland crashing out in 1908.

Magic Moments


3-1 vs Sunderland

First round: 11th January 1908

Attendance: 10,620

Scorers: Charlie McGibbon-3

Ranked at the time: 8

Today: Outside the top 100


1-0 vs Cardiff City

Third round: Saturday January 5th 2018

Attendance: 7,090

Scorer: Elliott List {81}

Ranked at the time: 197

Team: 1:Thomas Holy, 4:Alex Lacey, 6:Gabriel Zakuani, 34:Connor Ogilvie, 2:Luke O'Neill, 33:Mark Byrne, 13:Callum Reilly, 3:Bradley Garmston, 14: Josh Parker, 15:Elliot List, 9:Tom Eaves. Manager:Steve Lovell