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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


There have been at least four different clubs called Gateshead and three called South Shields with complicated relationships between them all. The most famous incarnation was the club that started out as South Shields at the turn of the century and gained entry to the Football League, playing in the Second Division in the 1920s. By 1930 the club had dropped into the third tier, were broke and were in real danger of going out of business. The solution was to move the entire club to Gateshead, changing the name in the process. While under the new name the club never again managed to get back up into the second tier, dropping into the newly created Fourth Division in 1958. The club faced re-election for the first time in 1960 and with the other three applicants for re-election having gone through the process before, more than once in each case, Gateshead felt safe that they would get re-elected without issue. Unfortunately Gateshead didn't get the votes and, to the shock of the football public, lost their League place. After thirteen years of struggle in the non league wilderness the club eventually folded. The current Gateshead club was born from the ashes in 1977 and today are playing in the fifth tier of English football. The club's greatest year in the cup was in 1953 when Liverpool were beaten on the way to the quarter finals.

Magic Moments


1-0 @ Blackburn Rovers

Second round replay: Thursday February 8th 1923


Scorer: Jack Smith

Ranked at the time:100

Today: Outside the top 400

Team:1:Willis Walker, 2:George Robson, 3:Alf Maitland, 4:Alex Hird, 5;John Hardy, 6:David Hutchinson, 7:, 8:Jack Smith, 9:Ernie Simms, 10:Jack Oxberry, 11:George Keenlyside


2-1 vs Birmingham City

Fourth round: Saturday January 30th 1926

Attendance: 17,000

Scorers: Jack Smith, Billy Thirlaway

Ranked at the time: 160

Team: 1:Lance Richardson, 2:John Ridley, 3:Laurie Crown, 4:Jim Metcalfe, 5:Cyril Hunter, 6:David Hutchison, 7:Billy Thirlaway, 8:jack Smith, 9:Reginald Parker, 10:Harry Wilson, 11:Sandy trotter


1-0 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Fourth round replay: Wednesday February 2nd 1927

Attendance: 25,470

Scorer: Jack Smith

Ranked at the time: 124

Team: 1:Allan Taylor [picture courtesey Toonarama;], 2:Harry Wilson, 3:Jim Phizacklea, 4:Jim Metcalfe, 5:Cyril Hunter, 6:Alan Greyner, 7:Tommy Matthewson, 8:Jack Smith, 9:?, 10:Jack Oxberry, 11:Sandy Trotter


1-0 vs Liverpool

Third Round: Saturday January 10th 1953

Attendance: 15,193

Scorer: Ian Winters

Ranked at the time: 99

Team: 1:Bobby Gray, 2:Bobby Cairns, 3:Billy March, 4:Jack Callender, 5:Tom Callender, 6:Billy Brown, 7:Johnny Ingham, 8:Ken Smith, 9:Ian Winters, 10:Johnny Campbell, 11:George Wilbert. Manager:Bill Tulip