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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The west Londoners first appeared in the F A cup in 1897, reaching the first round in 1904 as a Southern League club. The Cottagers first met top flight opposition the following year, defeating Nottingham Forest and went on to gain league status in 1907. Their greatest moment as a lower tier club came in 1936 when Derby were swept aside at Craven Cottage while Fulham went from strength to strength after he war and reached the big time in 1949. Oddly it was as a second tier club that Fulham reached their only cup final in 1975, going down to an Alan Taylor brace against West Ham. The club spent the rest of the 20th Century moving between the second and fourth tiers of the game before rejoining the elite in 2002 where the Thamesiders have spent most of their time since.

Magic Moments


1-0 vs Nottingham Forest

Second round: 18th February 1905

Scorer: Willie Wardrope

Ranked at the time: 33

Today: outside the top 400


3-1 vs Manchester City

Third round replay: Wednesday 26th February 1908

Attendance: 38,000

Scorers: Harry Ross, Fred Harrison, Bob Dalrymple

Ranked at the time: 19

Today: Outside the top 200


2-1 vs Manchester United

Quarter final: 7th March 1908

Attendance: 45,000

Scorers: Fred Harrison {2}

Ranked at the time: 10

Today: Outside the top 100


3-0 Liverpool

Second round: 3rd February 1912

Attendance: 36,000

Scorers: Tim Coleman, Bert Pearce

Ranked at the time: 87

Today: Outside the top 500

Team: 1:Arthur Reynolds, 2:Ted Charlton, 3:Jimmy Sharp, 4:Alf Marshall, 5:Fred Maven, 6:Wattie White, 7:Jim Smith, 8:Tim Coleman, 9:Bert Pearce, 10:Arthur Brown, 11:Willie Walker


1-0 vs Blackburn Rovers

First round replay: Thursday January 13th 1921

{Left: Donald Cock gets between the Rover's full backs but keeper Sewell proves equal to this effort}

Attendance: 23,000

Scorers: Billy McDonald {65}

Ranked at the time:111


1:Arthur Reynolds, 2:Ted Worrall, 3:Alec Chaplin, 4:Harry Bagge, 5:Jimmy Torrance, 6:Joe Edelston, 7:Billy McDonald, 8:Billy Banks, 9:Donald Cock, 10:William Hall, 11:Frank Penn


1-0 vs Everton

Third round replay: Thursday January 14th 1926

Attendance: 20,176

Scorer: Bert White

Ranked at the time: 96

Today: Outside the top 300

Team: 1: Ernie Beecham, 2:Reg Dyer, 3:Alec Chaplin, 4:Len Oliver, 5:Jock McNab, 6:Bert Barrett, 7:Jack Harris, 8:Teddy Craig, 9:Bert White, 10:Eddie Edmonds, 11:Frank Penn


3-1 vs Liverpool

Fourth round: Saturday January 30th 1926

Attendance: 36,381

Scorers: Albert Pape, Frank Penn

Ranked at the time: 69

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Ernie Beecham, 2:Reg Dyer, 3:Billy Probert, 4:Len Oliver, 5:Jock McNab, 6:?, 7:Jack Harris, 8:Teddy Craig, 9:Albert Pape, 10:Bert Barrett, 11:Frank Penn


1-0 @ Notts County

Fifth round: Saturday February 20th 1926

Attendance: 28,000

Scorer: Bill Prouse

Ranked at the time: 130

{Image: Ernie Beecham is grounded by a County forward but a dark shirted Fulham defender is on hand to clear}

Team: 1:Ernie Beecham, 2:Reg Dyer, 3:?, 4:Len Olliver, 5:Jock McNab, 6:?, 7:Jack Harris, 8:Teddy Craig, 9:Bill Prouse, 10:Albert Pape, 11:?


3-2 Chelsea

Fifth Round Replay: Monday February 24th 1936

Attendance: 30,696

Scorers: Trevor Smith, Jim Hammond, Johnny Arnold

Ranked at the time: 223

Team: 1:Alf Tootill, 2:Jimmy Hindson, 3:Mike Keeping, 4:Bert Barrett, 5:Syd Gibbons, 6:Jimmy Tompkins, 7:Jack Finch, 8:Trevor Smith, 9:Eddie Perry, 10:Jim Hammond, 11:Johnny Arnold

3-0 vs Derby County

Quarter Final: Saturday February 29th 1936

Attendance: 37,151

Scorers: Johnny Arnold, Bert Barrett, Trevor Smith

Ranked at the time:19

Today: still in the top 70

Team: 1:Alf Tootill, 2:Jimmy Hindson, 3:Mike Keeping, 4:Bert Barrett, 5:Syd Gibbons, 6:Jimmy Tompkins, 7:Finch, 8:Trevor Smith, 9:Eddie Perry, 10:Jim Hammond, 11:Johnny Arnold


4-1 @ Sunderland

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1969

Attendance: 27,091

Scorers: Brendan Mullan {2}, Stan Brown, Johnny Haynes

Ranked at the time: 110

Team: 1:Brian Williamson, 2:John Ryan, 3:Fred Callaghan, 4:Stan Brown, 5:Frank Large, 6:Reg Matthewson, 7:Les Barrett, 8:Brendan Mullan, 9:Steve Earle, 10:Johnny Haynes, 11:Tarry Parmenter


4-1 vs Hull City

Fourth Round: Sunday January 29th 2017

Attendance: 15,143

Scorers: Sone Aluko, Chris Martin, Ryan Sessegnon, Stefan Johansen

Ranked at the time: 579

Team: 1:Marcus Bettinelli, 30:Ryan Sessignon, 13:Tim Ream, 26:Tomas Kalas, 4:Denis Odoi, 6:Kevin McDonald, 14:Stefan Johansen, 24:Sone Aluko {Replaced by 11:Floyd Ayite 80}, 10:Tom Cairney {Replaced by 2:Ryan Fredericks 88}, 20:Lucas Piazon, 25:Chris Martin {Replaced by 33:Athanasios Petsos 83} {Manager: Slavisa Jokanovic}