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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The original Rovers started life in 1879, joining the Midland League in 1891 before finally attracting the attentions of the Football League in 1901. Doncaster's first season as a League club remains their most successful in the second tier but before the decade was out they had found themselves being voted out of the League, not once but twice and even went out of business altogether during World War One. The club was quickly reformed but they were rather surprisingly overlooked as a potential original member of the Third Division North in 1921. Rovers were elected to the League for a third time during the expansion of the division in 1923 and have spent the majority of their time since in the third and fourth tiers with occasional forays into the second tier where the club have usually struggled. Their lowest ebb was a stint at the turn of the century down in the fifth tier. It was during Donny's most sustained period in the second tier that they secured their first victory over a top flight club in 1952 and having done it once, they developed something of a knack for it. Cupsets since the fifties have been something of a rarity for their fans however with their victory over QPR in 1985 being their most memorable occasion on the, so far, fruitless road to Wembley. 


4-1 at Middlesbrough

Fourth Round: Wednesday February 6th 1952

Attendance: 41,560

Scorers: Kit Lawlor {2}, Bert Tindall, Ray Harrison

Ranked at the time: 158

Team:1:Ken Hardwick, 2:Herbert Rouse, 3:Len Graham, 4:Walter Jones, 5:Bill Paterson, 6:Dave Miller, 7:Alf Calverley, 8:Kit Lawlor, 9:Ray Harrison, 10:Jimmy Doherty, 11:Bert Tindall


2-0 @ Sunderland

Third Round: Saturday January 9th 1954

Attendance: 49,435

Scorer: Eddie McMorran {2}

Ranked at the time: Outside the top 100

Doncaster: 1:Ken Hardwick, 2:Brian Makepeace, 3:Len Graham, 4:Tommy Brown, 5:Bill Paterson, 6:Jack Teasdale, 7:Bert Tindale, 8:Kit Lawlor, 9:Ray Harrison, 10:Eddie McMorran, 11:Ronnie Walker. Manager:Peter Doherty