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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Corinthians are perhaps the closest thing English football has ever come to creating a version of basketball's Harlem Globetrotters as, in their day they were revered where ever they played and yet were never meant to play competitively. The idea of an amateur super team was the brain child of N L Pa Jackson in the 1880s in order to create a side of Englishmen who played regularly enough to form an understanding that could then be translated to the England national side in the hope that they could break the dominance of the Scots, at that time the best side in the world. It achieved it's objective as not only did England finally learn how to beat the Scots but did so by large scores twice before the decade was out. By the turn of the century the Corinthians were the most celebrated side in the land but a club rule restricting them to friendlies meant that they were not allowed to enter the FA cup, which was just as well for they would surely have dominated the competition during the twenty years either side of 1900. The team, almost exclusively made up of Oxbridge graduates regularly dealt out heavy defeats to the best in the land. Manchester United suffered what remains their heaviest defeat to the men in white in 1904 while then cup holders, Bury were crushed 10-3 the previous year. The early 1900s also saw the Corinthians tour the world to such great effect that a newly formed Madrid team, which had royal approval adopted the white shirts as their own while another newly formed Brazillian side took the name. After the first world war it was decided at last that Corinthians should finally take their chances in the cup, even being granted the right not to have to play qualifying rounds but their heyday had passed and they recorded just one major victory when defeating Blackburn in 1924. They continued to battle it out until 1939 but by then the gulf between the pros and the amateurs had grown too wide to bridge and after the second world war the Corinthian Casuals, these two sides having now merged bowed out of the cup for the last time. Though still stoutely amateur the Corinthian Casuals are now members of the English football pyramid, playing in the eighth tier in the town of Tolworth.

All Time Classic


1-0 vs Blackburn Rovers

First round: Saturday January 12th 1924

Attendance: 20,000

Scorer: Graham Doggart

Ranked at the time:12

Today: Inside the top 100

Team: 1:Benjamin Howard Baker, 2:Alfred Bower, 3:John Morrison, 4:J Moulsdale, 5:L Blaxland, 6:Claude Ashton 7:Jackie Hagan, 8:Graham Doggart, 9:Norman Creek 10:Alan Phillips 11:F W H Nicholas