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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Chesterfield are one of the oldest clubs in the world, their formation pre dating the F A cup by four years, though it wasn't until 1892 that they entered the competition for the first time and over a Century later when they enjoyed their greatest moment in the competition. Having started life in the Midland League, the Spireites joined the Football League in 1899 in Division Two. They last played at that level in 1951 and have spent the sixty years since moving between the third and fourth tiers. Despite their lowly status, Chesterfield reached the semi finals of the cup in 1997 and scored what television replays showed would have been a good winning goal that would have made them the first club from outside the top two tiers to reach the final for ninety-seven years. The referee however ruled that the ball didn't cross the line and Chesterfield's moment was gone. Their great Giant Killing moment came in 1933 when title chasing Sheffield Wednesday were beaten at Saltergate.

Magic Moments


4-2 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Third round replay: Wednesday January 18th 1933

Attendance: 19,652

Scorers: Colin Cook, Samuel Abel, Jack Lee, Arthur Bacon

Team: 1:George Ashmore, 2:Horace Wass, 3:Billy Kidd, 4:Johnny McIntyre, 5:Allan Sliman, 6:William Poynton, 7:Sidney Austin, 8:Samuel Abel, 9:Colin Cook, 10:Arthur Bacon 11:Jack Lee {Manager-Bill Harvey}

Ranked at the time: 12

Today: still in the top 60


2-1 vs Sunderland

Third Round: Saturday January 11th 1947

Attendance: 27,500

Scorers: Sid Ottewell, Dudley Milligan

Ranked at the time: 226

Team: 1:Ray Middleton, 2:Bill Watson, 3:Billy Kidd, 4:Syd Goodfellow, 5:Dick Cushlow, 6:Ken Booker, 7:Jackie Hudson, 8:Dudley Milligan, 9:Tom Swinscoe, 10:Sid Ottewell, 11:Harold Roberts


3-2 vs Middlesbrough

Fourth Round: Saturday January 28th 1950

Attendance: 27,500

Scorers: Matt Costello, Gordon Dale, Chris Marrow

Ranked at the time: 245

Team: 1:Ray Middleton, 2:Stan Milburn, 3:Fred Capel, 4:Robert Southall, 5:Ken Booker, 6:Reg Halton, 7:Matt Costello, 8:Jack Thompson, 9:Chris Marrow, 10:Hugh McJarrow, 11:Gordon Dale