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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Bury played their first tie in the cup proper during their first season in the league in 1896 and by the end of the year were promoted to the big time. The next twenty years was the golden age of Bury as they won the F A cup twice, 1900 and then when Joe Leeming led the way with a brace in the record breaking 6-0 demolition of Derby in 1903. Bury played their last top flight game in 1929 and for the next thirty years remained a solid second division side until the club slid into the lower divisions for the first time in 1957 where they have spent most of their time since. It was back in their last days in the big time that they suffered a terrible cup exit to Millwall in 1926 with some Bury fans who were there blaming it for the club's gradual slide over the next half century.

Magic Moments


3-1 vs Stoke

Second round: Saturday February 3rd 1923

Attendance: 31,149

Scorers: Peter Quinn, Jock Aitken, Norman Bullock

Ranked at the time:151

{Image right: Gilbert Brookes manages to prevent a Stoke team mate putting the ball in his own net}

Team: 1:Billy Richardson, 2:Jock Aitken, 3:Tom Adamson, 4:, 5:John Callagher, 6:, 7:David Robbie, 8:Billy Stage, 9:Norman Bullock, 10:, 11:Peter Quinn


3-1 vs Sheffield United

Fourth round: Saturday January 23rd 1932

Attendance: 29,316

Scorers: David Robbie, Duncan Lindsay, Wally Amos

Ranked at the time: 96

Today: outside the top 200

Team: 1:Tommy Mills, 2:Tommy Chester, 3:?, 4:Jimmy Porter, 5:Norman Bullock, 6:Alick Robinson, 7:David Robbie, 8:?, 9:Duncan Lindsay, 10:George Grass, 11: Wally Amos