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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


 The Clarets were original members of the Football League in 1888 and have gone on to be crowned champions twice, most recently in 1960, while their solitary F A cup success came against Liverpool in 1914 when Bert Freeman scored in front of the King. The blackest F A cup day in Burnley's history came in 1975 when visiting Southern League Wimbledon, 83 places below the Clarets in the leagues, won 1-0 at Turf Moor in one of the greatest cup shocks of all time. For older fans present that day the defeat surpassed the disastrous knock out blow inflicted by Swindon, also at Turf Moor back in 1948 which in turn had surpassed the humiliation inflicted on Burnley's title chasing team of 1921, yet again on their own turf, by Hull City. The Clarets went from top flight to bottom of the fourth tier in eleven years from 1976 to 1987, only just surviving relegation to the fifth tier before bouncing back on a long journey back to the short lived single season stay in the big time in 2009. 

Magic Moments


2-0 vs Manchester United

First round: 15th January 1910

Attendance: 12,000

Scorers: Benny Green, Charlie Smethams

Ranked at the time: 19

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Jerry Dawson 2:Fred Barron 3:Jimmy McLean 4:Jonathan Cretney 5:Alex Leake {image left} 6:Hugh Moffat 7:Jonathan Morley 8:Benny Green 9:Dick Smith 10:Walter Abbott 11:Charlie Smethams {Manager Spen Whittaker}


3-1 vs Middlesbrough

Third round: 22nd February 1913

Attendance: 30,000

Scorers: Teddy Hodgson, Bert Freeman

Ranked at the time: 113

Team: 1:Jerry Dawson, 2:Tom Bamford, 3:David Taylor, 4:Willie McLaren, 5:Tommy Boyle, 6:Billy Watson, 7:?, 8:Dick Lindley, 9:Bert Freeman, 10:Teddy Hodgson, 11:William Husband


1-0 @ Blackburn Rovers

Quarter final: 8th March 1913

Attendance: 30,000

Scorer: Tommy Boyle {pictured}

Ranked at the time: 91

Today: Outside the top 500

Team: 1:Jerry Dawson, 2:Tom Bamford, 3:David Taylor, 4:?, 5:Tommy Boyle, 6:Willie McLaren, 7:Billy Watson, 8:Dick Lindley, 9:Bert Freeman, 10:Teddy Hodgson, 11:William Husband


3-0 vs Manchester City

Third round: Saturday January 10th 1931

Attendance: 25,893

Scorers: Andy McCluggage {penalty}, Tommy Prest, Evan Jenkins

Ranked at the time: 151

Team: 1:Herman Conway, 2:Andy McCluggage, 3:George Waterfield, 4:Jimmy Brown, 5:Peter O'Dowd, 6:Harry Storer, 7:Evan Jenkins, 8:George Beel, 9:Stan Bowsher, 10:Tommy Prest, 11:John Hall


3-1 vs Sheffield United

Fourth round: Saturday January 28th 1933


Scorers: Georgie Mee {right} {2}, Cecil Smith

Ranked at the time: 102

Team: 1:?, 2:Gilbert Richmond, 3:?, 4:Ray Bennion, 5:Alex Forrest, 6:?, 7:Georgie Mee, 8:Tommy Jones, 9:Cecil Smith, 10:?, 11:?


3-2 vs Birmingham City

Quarter Final: Saturday March 2nd 1935

{Image left: Down but not out as Frank White pulls the trigger to put Birmingham two goals up}

Attendance: 47,670

Scorers: Ron Hornby, James Hancock {2}

Ranked at the time: 229

Team: 1:Alex Scott, 2:Gilbert Richmond, 3:George Waterfield, 4:James Brown, 5:Thomas Wallace, 6:Alick Robinson, 7:James Hancock, 8:G Brown, 9:Cecil Smith, 10:Ron Hornby, 11:Percy Downes {Manager:Tom Bromilow}


5-1 vs Aston Villa

Third Round: Saturday January 11th 1947

Attendance: 38,532

Scorers: Billy Morris {2}, Harry Potts, Ray Morrisson {2}

Ranked at the time: 165

Team: 1:Jimmy Strong, 2:Arthur Woodruff, 3:Harry Mather, 4:Reg Attwell, 5:Alan Brown, 6:George Bray, 7:Jackie Chew, 8:Billy Morris, 9:Ray Morrison, 10:Harry Potts, 11:Peter Kippax


1-0 vs Liverpool

Semi Final replay: Saturday April 12th 1947

Attendance: 72,000

Scorer: Ray Harrison

Ranked at the time: 188

Team: 1:George Strong, 2:Arthur Woodruff, 3:Harold Mather, 4:Reg Attwell, 5:Allan Brown, 6:George Bray, 7:Jack Billingham, 8:Billy Morris, 9:Ray Harrisson, 10:Harry Potts, 11:Peter Kipax


3-1 vs West Bromwich Albion

Fourth round replay: February 3rd 2009

Attendance: 6,632

Scorers: Wade Elliott, Steven Thompson {2}

Ranked at the time: 633