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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Brentford were formed in 1889 to provide winter entertainment for the local Thames and Brent rowers before becoming founder members of League division three in 1921. They hit the big time fifteen years later, remaining among the elite until 1947, though they never finished higher then fifth in the division or beyond the quarter finals of the cup before their relegation. The sixty plus years since have seen Brentford become something of a traditional third tier club with over thirty seasons at that level being broken up with brief spells in the second and fourth tiers. With little sign of a return to the glory days of the thirties it is to giant killing that Brentofrd fans have turned for over half a century though they have remained unable to repeat a shock on the same scale as their victory over West Ham in 1927.

Magic Moments


1-0 vs Middlesbrough

Second round: 2nd February 1907

Attendance: 25,000

Scorer: Hagan

Ranked at the time: 20

Today: Outside the top 200


2-0 vs West Ham United

Fourth round replay: Wednesday February 2nd 1927

Attendance: 25,000

Scorers: Jack Lane, Jack Allen

Ranked at the time: 17

Today: inside the top 110

Team: 1:Jim Ferguson, 2:Jim Donnelly, 3:Charlie Butler, 4:Jack Beacham, 5:Harry Rae, 6:Bert Bellamy, 7:Patsy Hendron, 8:Jack Lane, 9:Ernie Watkins, 10:Jack Allen [pictured], 11:Eddie Douglas


3-2 vs Middlesbrough

Third Round: Saturday January 8th 1949 {After Extra Time}

Attendance: 30,000

Scorers: Tony Harper, Fred Monk, Peter McKennan

Ranked at the time: 263

Team: 1: Joe Crozier, 2:Malcolm MacDonald, 3:Bill Gorman, 4:Dave Nelson, 5:Jack Chisholm, 6:Tom Manley, 7:Peter Buchanan, 8:Peter McKennan, 9:Fred Monk, 10:Tony Harper, 11:Doug Keene

4-2 vs Burnley

Fifth Round: Saturday February 12th 1949


Scorers: Peter McKennan {2}, Jackie Gibbons, Fred Monk

Ranked at the time: 175

Team: 1: Joe Crozier, 2:Malky McDonald, 3:Bill Gorman, 4:Dave Nelson, 5:Jack Chisholm, 6:Tom Manley, 7:Peter Buchanan, 8:Peter McKennan, 9:Fred Monk, Jackie Gibbons, 11:Dickie Girling