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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Although known by modern fans as Park Avenue, the club were officially called just Bradford in their Football League days and when fans prior to the 1970s simply said Bradford in Football talk it would have been Park Avenue that they were talking about. Their cross town rivals were always referred to by their full name of Bradford City until Bradford's demise in the mid seventies. The club originated in 1863 as a rugby club but in an action known as the great betrayal they switched codes in 1906 and gained entry to the Football League second division in 1908, making the big time in 1914. Bradford's stay among the elite ended in 1921, sinking to the third tier in 1923 and the fourth in 1958 before losing League status in 1970. The club battled on in the Northern Premier League until finally folding in 1974, only the second former top flight club in history to cease to exist. Not surprisingly the club were reborn in 1989 and have risen back to the sixth tier of the game. While Bradford's great days in the League were just prior to the first war their great cup days came just after the second. The club are the only team to feature in this site as Giant Killer and Giant Slain in the same season when, in 1948, they followed a memorable win at Arsenal with a defeat to non league Colchester.

Magic Moments


2-1 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Third round: 22nd February 1913

Attendance: 24,000

Scorers: Jimmy Smith, David Howie,

Ranked at the time: 28

Today: Outside the top 100

Team: 1: Bob Mason, 2: Sandy Watson, 3: Sam Blackham, 4: George Halley, 5: Herbert Dainty, 6: Jack Scott, 7: Willie Kivlichan, 8: Dan Munro, 9: Tommy Little, 10: David Howie, 11:Jimmy Smith


1-0 vs Everton

First round replay: Wednesday January 17th 1923

Attendance: 15,000

Scorer: George McLean {90}

Ranked at the time:32

Today: outside the top 100

Team: 1:Ernie Scattergood, 2:Tom Brandon, 3:Andy McCluggage, 4:Gerry Fell, 5:David Howie, 6:Hugh Hubbert, 7:, 8:George McLean, 9:, 10:, 11:Harold Peel


2-1 vs Derby County

Fourth round replay: Wednesday January 29th 1930

Attendance: 29,735

Scorers: Walter Millership, Bert Davis

Ranked at the time: 73

Today: Outside the top 200

Team:1:Jack Clough, 2:Alec Bentley, 3:Tommy Lloyd, 4:Harold Taylor, 5:Jimmy Elwood, 6:Syd Dickinson, 7:Bert Davis, 8:George McLean, 9:Irvine Harwood, 10:Walter Millership, 11:Alf Quantrill


2-0 West Bromwich Albion

Fourth Round 2nd Replay: Monday February 10th 1936

Old Trafford: Manchester

Attendance: 11,385

Scorers: Tom Nolan, Doran

Ranked at the time: 100

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Bell, 2:Ralph Ward, 3:Lloyd, 4:Jimmy McClelland, 5:Bob Danskin, 6:Jimmy McGrath, 7:Doran, 8:Joe Meek, 9:Tom Nolan, 10:Worsley, 11:Murton


2-1 @ Stoke City

Fourth round replay : Wednesday January 26th 1938

Attendance: 7,000

Scorers: George Stabb, George Henson

Ranked at the time: 193

Team: 1:Chic Farr, 2:Urban Lindley, 3:Albert Ross, 4:George Stabb, 5:Bob Danskin, 6;Billy Hallard, 7:Jebez Foulkes, 8:Billy Martin, 9:George Henson, 10:Jack Wesley, 11:Tommy Lewis


1-0 at Arsenal

Third Round: Saturday January 10th 1948


Scorer: Billy Elliott

Ranked at the time:19

Team: 1:Chic Farr, 2:Ronnie Hepworth, 3:Arthur Farrell, 4:Roy White, 5:Ron Greenwood, 6:Bill Deplidge, 7:Jackie Smith, 8:Gerry Henry, 9:George Ainsley, 10:Johnny Downie, 11:Billy Elliott


2-0 at Newcastle UnitedThird Round: Saturday January 10th 1948


Scorer: Billy Elliott

Ranked at the time:19

Team: 1:Chic Farr, 2:Jimmy Stephen, 3:Arthur Farrell, 4:Ray White, 5:Les Horsman, 6:Billy Elliott, 7:Alec Glover, 8:Gerry Henry, 9:Harry McIlvenny, 10:Johnny Downie, 11:Bill Deplidge