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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Blyth Spartans

Spartans were formed in 1899, taking their Greek name to signify a team who would never give up when in battle. For over sixty years the club were among the leading sides in Non-League Football until their League folded in 1964. Spartans opted for amateur status and moved to the Northern League where they were among the strongest clubs. Their great moment in the cup came with an amasing cup run in 1978 when they fought through nine ties to be the only Non-League club since the Edwardian era to make the quarter final draw. Along the way the club pulled off their great cupset of Stoke and were just a minute away from a quarter final tie with Arsenal when their opponents, Wrexham were saved by a corner flag. Theie loyalty to the Northern League cost them ground in their Non-League status and today they battle on in the regional leagues.

Magic Moment


3-2 at Stoke City

Fourth Round: Monday February 6th 1978

Attendance: 18,765

Scorers: Terry Johnson {2}, Steve Carney

Ranked at the time: 52

Team: 1:Roger Jones, 2:Jackie Marsh, 3:Alec Lindsay, 4:Howard Kendall, 5:Alan Dodd, 6:Alan Bloor, 7:Steve Waddington, 8:Geoff Scott, 9:Viv Busby, 10:Terry Conroy, 11:Gart Crooks, Sub:Jeff Cook: Manager: Alan A'Court