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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Birmingham originally started life in the F A cup as Small Heath Alliance, first making it into the big time in 1895. The next ninety years were mostly spent struggling against relegation from the top tier or battling for promotion from the second. In 1989 the club sank into the third tier for the first time but Birmingham were back in the big time within a decade. Despite having reached a European final back in the days of the Fairs cup, Birmingham have yet to win either League title or F A cup, their most recent cup final being back in 1956 when Peter Murphy's goal proved little more than a consolation in defeat to Manchester City. Two years earlier Birmingham had recorded a memorable victory at Wolves when still in Division Two.

Magic Moments


2-1 vs Stoke {after extra time}

First round replay: 13th February 1901

Scorers: Bennett, Sid Wharton

Ranked at the time: 37

Today: outside the top 700


2-0 vs Everton

First round: January 10th 1920


Scorers: Laurie Burkinshaw, Jack Whitehous

Ranked at the time:95

Today: Outside the top 500

Team: 1:Dan Tremelling, 2:'Kosher' Ball, 3:Percy Barton, 4:Joe Roulson, 5:Frank Womack, 6: Millard or McLure, 7:Laurie Burkinshaw, 8:Short, Hampton or Gibson, 9:Jack Elkes, 10:Jack Whitehouse, 11:Billy Morgan


1-0 vs Portsmouth

Fourth round: Saturday January 25th 1947

Attendance: 50,00 [est]

Scorer: Fred Harris

Ranked at the time: 290

Team:1:Gil Merrick, 2:Ted Duckhouse, 3:Dennis Jennings, 4:Fred Harris, 5:Arthur Turner, 6:Don Dearson, 7:Jock Mulraney, 8:Neil Dougall, 9:Cyril Trigg, 10:Harold Bodle, 11:Edwards


3-1 @ Derby County

Third Round: Saturday January 27th 1951

Attendance: 37,384

Scorers: Cyril Trigg, Bill Smith, Jackie Stewart

Ranked at the time: 199

Team: 1:Gil Merrick, 2:Jack Badham, 3:Roy Martin, 4:Len Boyd, 5:Arthur Atkins, 6:Ray Ferris, 7:Jackie Stewart, 8:Jimmy Higgins, 9:Cyril Trigg, 10:Bill Smith, 11:Johnny Berry

1-0 vs Manchester United

Quarter Final: Saturday February 24th 1951

Attendance: 50,000

Scorer: Jimmy Higgins

Ranked at the time: 237

Team: 1:Gil Merrick, 2:Jack Badham, 3:Ken Green, 4:Len Boyd, 5:Arthur Atkins, 6:Ray Ferris, 7:Jackie Stewart, 8:Jimmy Higgins, 9:Cyril Trigg, 10:Bill Smith, 11:Johnny Berry. {Manager-Bob Brocklebank}


1-0 @ Fulham

Third Round: Saturday January 12th 1952

Attendance: 25,806

Scorer: Tommy Briggs

Ranked at the time: 330

Team: 1:Gil Merrick, 2:Ken Green, 3:Roy Martin, 4:Jack Badham, 5:Arthur Atkins, 6:Roy Warhurst, 7:Jackie Stewart, 8:Tommy Briggs, 9:Cyril Troy, 10:Bill Smith, 11:Billy Wardle {Manager-Bob Brocklebank}


Chelsea 0-4 Birmingham City

Fifth Round: Saturday February 14th 1953

Attendance: 45,872

Scorers: Ted Purdon {2}, Peter Murphy Cyril Trigg

Ranked at the time: 278

City: 1:Gil Merrick, 2:Jeff Hall, 3:Ken Green, 4:Keith Bannister, 5:Ray Ferris, 6:Len Boyd, 7:Jackie Stewart, 8:Ted Purdon, 9:Cyril Trigg, 10:Peter Murphy, 11:Roy Warhurst. Manager:Bob Brocklebank


2-1 @ Wolverhampton Wanderers

Third Round: Saturday January 9th 1954

Attendance: 36,786

Scorers: Ken Rowley, Peter Murphy

Ranked at the time: 35

Team: 1:Gil Merrick, 2:Jeff Hall, 3:Ken Green, 4:Noel Kinsey, 5:John Newman, 6:Len Boyd, 7:Gordon Astall, 8:Peter Murphy, 9:Jackie Lane, 10:Ken Rowley, 11:Alex Govan. Manager:Bob Brocklebank


2-1 vs Arsenal

Fourth Round replay: Tuesday March 12th 1968

Attendance: 51,586

Scorer: Barry Bridges {2}

Ranked at the time: 366

Team: 1:Jim Herriot, 2:Bert Murray, 3:Ray Martin, 4:Ron Wylie, 5:Winston Foster, 6:Malcolm Beard, 7:Barry Bridges, 8:Malcolm Page, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Geoff Vowden, 11:Trevor Hockey

1-0 vs Chelsea

Quarter Final: Saturday March 30th 1968

Attendance: 51,576

Scorers: Fred Pickering {63}

Ranked at the time: 361

{Image: Fred Pickering is mobbed by players and fans alike after scoring while a quintet of Chelsea players accept their fate}

Team: 1:Jim Herriott, 2:Bert Murray, 3:Colin Green, 4:Ron Wylie {replaced by 12:Ray Martin}, 5:Winston Foster, 6:Malcolm Beard, 7:Geoff Vowden, 8:Trevor Hockey, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Malcolm Page, 11:Barry Bridges


2-1 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Fourth Round replay: Tuesday January 28th 1969

Attendance: 51,463

Scorers: Malcolm Beard, Fred Pickering

Ranked at the time: 252

{image left: Ray Martin gets in a challenge to keep Peter Eustace in check}

Team: 1:Jim Herriot, 2:Ray Martin, 3:Colin Green, 4:Malcolm Page, 5:Dave Robinson, 6:Malcolm Beard, 7:Johnny Vincent, 8:Jimmy Greenhoff, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Trevor Hockey, 11:Dennis Thwaites


1-0 @ Wolverhampton Wanderers

Third Round replay: Wednesday January 16th 2012

Attendance: 10,153

Scorer: Wade Elliott

Ranked at the time:

Team: 13:Colin Doyle, 3:David Murphy, 4:Stephen Caldwell, 23;Jonathan Spector, 24:Curtis Davies, 11:Jean Beausejour, 12:Jordan Mutch, 14:Morgaro Gomis, {Replaced by 18:Keith Fahey-90}, 15:Wade Elliott, 22:Nathan Redmond, {Replaced by 7:Chris Burke-76}, 17:Adam Rooney {Manager-Mick McCarthey}