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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


The Tykes were formed as Barnsley St Peters in 1889 and have gone on to hold the unique distinction of having participated in more F A cup finals {2} than they have seasons among England's elite {1}. Those two finals came in the Edwardian era as a Second Division club with the second final {1912} proving victorious thanks to Harry Tufnell's late late show against West Bromwich Albion. At that time Barnsley were a second tier club and have gone on to spend more time at this level of English Football than any other team, coming close to making the big time on several occasions without quite geting there. By the 1960s it looked as though the Tykes had missed their chance of ever being a big time club as they sank into the fourth tier for the first time but their gradual climb back was finally completed when, after ninety-four years of trying, Barnsley finally gained promotion to the top flight, only to be relegated straight back down after just a solitary season. Obviously Tykes fans cherish their cup win above all but there have been other memorable cup moments down the years. Their cup final opponents West Brom were again humbled in 1920 while modern fans will continue to talk about the 2008 defeat of Chelsea for years to come but both of those pail when compared to the 1931 defeat of then Champions Sheffield Wednesday.

Magic moments


1-0 vs Bury

Third round: 23rd February 1907

Attendance: 12,000

Scorer: Bert Powell {10}

Ranked at the time: 59

Today: Outside the top 600

Team: 1:Tommy Thorpe, 2:Albert Johnson, 3:George Stacey, 4:Tommy Boyle, 5:Billy Silto, 6:Arnold Oxspring, 7:Jack Hall, 8:Bert Powell, 9:Alec Hellewell, 10:Magnus O'Donnell, 11:Joe Brooks


3-0 vs Everton

Semi Final replay: 1st April 1910

Old Trafford, Manchester

Attendance: 55,000

Scorers: Ernie Gadsby, Tom Forman, HarryTufnell

Ranked at the time: 48

Today: Outside the top 300

Team: 1:Fred Mearns 2:Dickie Downs 3:Harry Ness 4:Bob Glendenning 5:Tommy Boyle 6:George Utley 7:Wilf Bartrop 8:Ernie Gadsby 9:George Lylliycrop 10:Harry Tufnell 11:Tom Forman


2-1 @ Bolton Wanderers

Third round: 24th February 1912

Attendance: 34,000

Scorers: George Lillycrop, Ernie Whiteside {own goal}

Ranked at the time: 49

Today: Outside the top 200

Team: 1:Jack Cooper, 2:Dickie Downs, 3:Archie Taylor, 4:Bob Gelndenning, 5:Phil Bratley, 6:George Utley, 7:Wilf Bartropp, 8:George Travers, 9:George Lillycrop, 10:Harry Tufnell, 11:Bert Leavey


3-2 vs Bradford City

Quarter Final third replay (After Extra Time): 21st March 1912

@ Bramall Lane, Sheffield

Attendance: 50,000

Scorers: George Travers, George Lillycropn (2)

Ranked at the time: 79

Today: Outside the top 400

Team: 1:Jack Cooper, 2:Dickie Downs, 3:Archie Taylor, 4:Bob Gelndenning, 5:Phil Bratley, 6:George Utley, 7:Wilf Bartropp, 8:George Travers, 9:George Lillycrop, 10:Harry Tufnell, 11:Jimmy Moore


1-0 vs West Bromwich Albion

The 1912 F A Cup Final Replay - After extra time

Wednesday 24th April 1912

@ Bramall Lane, Sheffield

Attendance 38,555

Scorer: Harry Tufnell {118}

Ranked at the time: 88

Today: outside the top 500

Team: 1:Jack Cooper, 2:Dickie Downs, 3:Archie Taylor, 4:Bob Glendenning, 5:Phil Bratley, 6:George Utley, 7:Wilf Bartropp, 8:Harry Tufnell, 9:George Lillycrop, 10:George Travers, 11:Jimmy Moore


1-0 at West Bromwich Albion

First round: January 10th 1920

Attendance: 32,000

Scorer: Fletcher

Ranked at the time: 10

Today: inside the top 100

Team: 1:Arthur Cooper, 2:Dickie Downs, 3:Jack Tindall, 4:William Lakin, 5:Jack Gittins, 6:John Williams, 7:George Donkin, 8:Brough Fletcher, 9:Joe Halliwell, 10:Harold Bell, 11:George Dobson


3-1 vs Oldham Athletic

Second round: Saturday January 28th 1922

Attendance: 27,000

Scorers: Russell Wainscoat, Albert Fletcher {2-pens}

Ranked at the time: 147

Today: outside the top 600

Team: 1:, 2:, 3:Jack Tindall, 4:, 5:, 6:, 7:George Donkin, 8:Brough Fletcher, 9:, 10:Russell Wainscoat, 11:Albert Fletcher


2-0 at Birmingham

Third Round Replay: Wednesday, January 15th 1936

Attendance: 34,000

Scorers:Chuck Hine, Tom 'Pongo' Waring

Ranked at the time: 75

Today: outside the top 200

Team: 1:Ellis, 2:Wilfred Adey, 3:Shotton, 4:Tom Holley, 5:George Henderson, 6:Harper, 7:Thomas, 8:Gallacher, 9:Tom 'Pongo' Waring,

10:Chuck Hine, 11:Ashton


2-1 vs Stoke City

Fifth Round: Saturday February 15th 1936

Attendance: 40,245 [record]

Scorers: Gallacher, Chuck Hine

Ranked at the time: 60

Today: outside the top 100

Team: 1:Tom Ellis, 2:Bob Shotton, 3:Harry Topping, 4:Tom Holley, 5:George Henderson, 6:Bernard Harper. 7:Frank Gallacher, 8:Chuck Hine, 9: Tom 'Pongo' Waring, 10:Fred Fisher, 11:Tubby Ashton


4-3 @ Huddersfield Town

Third Round: Saturday January 11th 1947

Attendance: 39,944


Ranked at the time: 221

Team: Smith, Asquith, Walter Bennett, Baxter