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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Aston Villa

The Villans were formed in 1874 and within a decade they had already grown to be one of the leading lights of the English game, their seven F A cup triumphs being a record not broken until the latter years of the 20th Century. With such an impressive cup record it would seem inconceivable that the Villans would have to look way back to Peter McParland's brace to sink Manchester united in 1957 for their most recent triumph. the years since have seen them drop into the third tire for the first time in their history and then climb back to match the seven cup wins with a seventh League Crown in 1981 and then be crowned champions of Europe in 1982. Naturally Villa have more usually been on the the wrong end of cupsets with over twenty glum days marked in their history but there have also been occasions where they have been the victorious underdog.

Magic Moments


4-0 vs Blackpool

Fourth round: Saturday January 22nd 1938

Attendance: 69,603

Scorers: Eric Houghton, Frank Broome, Ronnie Starling, Frank Shell

Ranked at the time: 228

Team: 1:Fred Biddlestone, 2:George Cummings, 3:Ernie Callaghan, 4:Alex Masse, 5:Bob Iverson, 6:Jim Allen, 7:Frank Broome, 8:Freddie Haycock, 9:Frank Shell, 10:Ronnie Starling, 11:Eric Houghton, Manager-Jimmy Hogan {image right-Eric Houghton [light sleeves between posts] puts Villa in front}


2-1 vs Queens Park Rangers

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1969

Attendance: 39,854

Scorers: Brian Godfrey, Lionel Martin

Ranked at the time: 370

Team: 1:John Dunn, 2:Mick Wright, 3:Charlie Aitken, 4:Barry Hole. 5:Dick Edwards, 6:Fred Turnbull, 7:Mick Ferguson, 8:Dave Rudge, 9:Brian Godfrey, 10:Lionel Martin, 11:Willie Anderson

2-1 vs Southampton

Fourth Round replay: Wednesday January 29th 1969

Attendance: 59,084

Scorers: Peter Broadbent, Lionel Martin

Ranked at the time: 220

Team: 1:John Dunn, 2:Keith Bradley, 3:Charlie Aitken, 4:Barry Hole, 5:Dick Edwards, 6:Fred Turnbull, 7:Dave Rudge, 8:Peter Broadbent, 9:Brian Godfrey, 10:Lionel Martin, 11:Willie Anderson