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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

The Giant Killers of


 Harlow Town

Third Round Replay, Tuesday January 8th 1980, Harlow Sports Centre, Harlow, Attendance: 9,783

1-0 vs Leicester City

Scorer: John MacKenzie {42}

Ranked at the time: 4

Harlow Town

On match day: 13th In Isthmian Premier [6th tier]

Final placing: 11th

League places difference: 90

Leicester City

On match day: 4th in Division Two [2nd tier]

Final placing: Champions

Pedigree: Relegated from top flight 1978

Form: won their last two matches

Halifax Town 1-0 Manchester City

Third Round: Saturday January 5th 1980

Attendance: 12,599

Scorer: Paul Hendrie {75}

Ranked at the time:37

Town: 1:John Kilner, 2:Chris Dunleavy, 3:Geoff Hutt, 4:David Evans, 5:Dave Harris, 6:Paul Hendrie, 7:Franny Firth, 8:Mick Kennedy, 9:Bob Mountford, 10:Smith, 11:Stafford, Sub:Goodman, Manager: George Kirby

City: 1: Joe Corrigan, 2:Ray Ranson, 3:paul Power, 4:Nicky Reid, 5:Tommy Caton, 6:Dave Bennett, 7:Tony Henry, 8:Steve Daley, 9:Mick Robinson. 10: Colin Viljoen, 11:Bobby Shinton, Sub:Lee, Manager:Malcolm Allison

Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-3 Watford

Fifth Round: Saturday February 16th 1980

Attendance: 32,881

Scorers: Malcolm Poskett {74,87}, Luther Blissett {90}

Ranked at the time:167

Wolverhampton: 1:Mick Kearns, 2:Geoff Palmer, 3:Derek Parkin, 4:Peter Daniel, 5:Emlyn Hughes, 6:George Berry, 7:Ken Hibbett {replaced by 12:John McAlle} 8:Willie Carr, 9:Andy Gray, 10:John Richards, 11:Mel Evans. Manager:John Barnwell

Watford: 1: Eric Steele, 2:Mick Henderson, 3:Steve Harrison, 4;Martin Patching, 5:Steve Sims, 6:Ian Bolton, 7:Luther Blissett, 8:Malcolm Poskett, 9:Ross Jenkins, 10:Ray Train, 11:Wilf Rostron. Manager: Graham Taylor

Arsenal 0-1 West Ham United

The 1980 FA Cup Final

Saturday May 10th 1980 {Wembley, London}


Scorer: Trevor Brooking {14}

Ranked at the time: 227

Arsenal: 1:Pat Jennings, 2:Pat Rice, 3:John Devine {replaced by 12:Sammy Nelson}, 4:Brian Talbot, 5:David O'Leary, 6:Willie Young, 7:Liam Brady, 8:Alan Sunderland, 9:Frank Stapleton, 10:David Price, 11:Graham Rix. Manager: Terry Neill

United:1:Phil Parkes, 2:Ray Stewart, 3:Frank Lampard, 4;Billy Bonds, 5:Alvin Martin, 6:Alan Devonshire, 7:Paul Allen, 8:Stuart Pearson,

9:David Cross, 10:Trevor Brooking, 11:Geoff Pike. Manager:John Lyall