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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Giant Killers


1976 - 1978

Cardiff City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Third Round: Saturday January 8th 1977

Attendance: 27,868

Scorer: Peter Sayer {7}

Ranked at the time: 390

Cardidd: 1:Ron Healey, 2:Phil Dwyer, 3:Brian Attley, 4:John Buchanan, 5:Paul Went, 6:Albert Larmour, 7:Steve Grapes, 8:Doug Livermore, 9:Tony Evans, 10:David Giles, 11:Peter Sayer. Manager:Jimmy Andrews

Tottenham:1:Pat Jennings, 2:Terry Naylor, 3:John Gorman, 4:Glenn Hoddle, 5:John Pratt, 6:Keith Osgood, 7:Alfie Conn, 8:Steve Perryman, 9:John Duncan, 10:Ralph Coates {replaced by 12:Don McAlister}, 11:Peter Taylor. Manager:Keith Burkenshaw

Wrexham 1-0 Sunderland

Third Round replay: Wednesday January 12th 1977

Attendance: 16,023

Scorer: Billy Ashcroft [62]

Ranked at the time: 280

Wrexham: 1:Brian Lloyd, 2:Mickey Evans, 3:Alan Dwyer, {replaced by 12:Wayne Cegielski}, 4:Gareth Davis, 5;John Roberts, 6:Mickey Thomas, 7:Bobby Shinton, 8:Mel Sutton, 9:Billy Ashcroft, 10:Graham Whittle, 11:Arfon Griffiths. Manager:John Neal

Sunderland:1:Barry Siddall, 2;Jackie Ashurst, 3:Joe Bolton, 4:Mick Henderson, 5:Jeff Clark, 6:Jim Holton, 7:Bobby Kerr, 8:Shaun Elliott, 9:Mel Holden, 10:BobLee, 11:Gary Rowell.Manager:Jimmy Adamson

Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 Ipswich Town

Fourth Round replay: Wednesday February 2nd 1977

Attendance: 33,686

Scorer: John Richards

Ranked at the time: 126

Wolverhampton: 1:Gary Pierce, 2:Geoff Palmer, 3:Derek Parkin, 4:Steve Daley, 5:Colin Brazier, 6:John McAlle, 7:Ken Hibbett, 8:Alan Sunderland, 9:John Richards, 10:Martin Patching, 11:Willie Carr. Manager:Sammy Chung

Ipswich:1:Paul Cooper, 2:George Burley, 3:Mick Mills, 4:Brian Talbot, 5:Allan Hunter, 6:Dale Roberts, 7:Roger Osborne {replaced by 12:Eric Gates}, 8:John Wark, 9:Paul Mariner, 10:Trevor Whymark, 11:Clive Woods. Manager:Bobby Robson