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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

The Giant Killers of



Third Round, Saturday January 4th 1975, Turf Moor, Burnley, Attendance: 19,683

1-0 @ Burnley

Scorer: Mick Mahon {49}

Ranked at the time: 3


On match day: 7th in Division One [Top flight]

Final placing: 10th

Pedigree: 1974 First Division Sixth Place

1974 F A Cup Semi Finalists


On match day: 3rd in Southern League [Unofficial fifth tier]

Final placing: Champions

League places difference: 88

Blackpool 1-0 Burnley

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 1976


Scorer: Bill Bentley

Ranked at the time:438

Blackpool: 1:George Wood, 2:Dave Hatton, 3:Bill Bentley, 4:Stan McEwan, 5:Peter Suddaby, 6:Terry Alcock {replaced by 12:Kevin Moore}, 7:Paul Hart, 8:Steve Harrison, 9:Mickey Walsh, 10:Jimmy Weston, 11:John Evanson. Manager:Harry Potts

Burnley1:Gerry Peyton, 2:Mike Docherty, 3:Keith Newton, 4:Billy Ingham, 5:Colin Waldron, 6:Jim Thompson, 7:Mike Summerbee, 8:Willie Morgan {replaced by 12:David Loggie} 9:Ray Hankin, 10:Brian Flynn, 11:Paul Bradshaw. Manager:Jimmy Adamson

Birmingham City 0-1 Portsmouth

Third Round Replay: Tuesday January 6th 1976


Scorer: Bobby McGuinness

Ranked at the time:265

Birmingham: 1:Dave Latchford, 2:Ray Martin 3:Tony Want, 4:Gary Pendrey, 5:Joe Gallagher {replaced by 12:Jimmy Calderwood} 6:Kenny Burns, 7:Malcolm Page,8:Trevor Francis, 9:Peter Withe, 10:Bob Hatton, 11:Steve Bryant. Manager:Willie Bell

Portsmouth1:Grahame Lloyd, 2:Chris Lawler, 3:Mick Mellows, 4:Phil Roberts, 5:Paul Went, 6:Eoin Hand, 7:Bobby McGuinness, 8:Norman Piper, 9:George Graham, 10:Richie Reynolds, 11:Billy Eames. Manager:Ian St John

Bury 3-2 Middlesbrough

Third Round Replay: Tuesday January 6th 1976


Scorers:{Bury} Andy Rowland, Jimmy McIlwraith, John Hulme. {Middlesbrough} Peter Brine, John Hickton {pen}

Ranked at the time:142

Bury: 1:John Forrest, 2:Steve Hoolickin, 3:Keith Kennedy, 4:Gerry Keenan, 5:John Hulme, 6:Tony Bailey, 7:Jimmy McIlwraith, 8:Billy Rudd, 9:Andy Rowland, 10:Derek Spence, 11:Brian Williams. Manager:Bobby Smith

Middlesbrough1:Jim Platt, 2:John Craggs, 3:Ian Bailey {replaced by 12:Alan Foggon}, 4:Peter Brine, 5:Stuart Boam, 6:Willie Madden, 7:Bobby Murdoch, 8:David Mills, 9:Terry Cooper, 10:John Hickton, 11:David Armstrong. Manager:Jack Charlton

Aston Villa 1-2 Southampton

Third Round Replay After Extra Time: Wednesday January 7th 1976


Scorers:{Villa} Ray Graydon. {Southampton} Jim McCalliog {2}

Ranked at the time:409

Villa: 1:John Burridge, 2:John Gidman, 3:John Robson, 4:Ian Ross, 5:Chris Nicholl,6:Leighton Phillips, 7:Ray Graydon, 8:John Deehan, 9:Andy Gray, 10:Ian 'Chico' Hamilton, 11:Frank Carrodus. Manager:Ron Saunders

Southampton:1:Ian Turner, 2:Peter Rodrigues, 3:David Peach, 4:Nick Holmes, 5:Mel Blyth 6:Jim Steele, 7:Hugh Fisher, 8:Mike Channon, 9:Peter Osgood, 10:Jim McCalliog, 11:Bobby Stokes. Manager: Laurie McMenemy

Leeds United 0-1 Crystal Palace

Fourth Round: Saturday January 24th 1976


Scorer: Dave Swindlehurst

Ranked at the time: 26

Leeds: 1:David Harvey, 2:Paul Reaney, 3:Frank Gray, 4:Billy Bremner {replaced by 12:Norman Hunter}, 5:Paul Madeley, 6:Trevor Cherry, 7:Peter Lorimer, 8:Allen Clarke, 9:Duncan McKenzie, 10:Terry Yorath, 11:Eddie Gray. Manager:Jimmy Armfield

Palace:1:Paul Hammond, 2:Peter Wall, 3:Jim Cannon, 4:Derek Jeffries, 5:Stewart Jump, 6:Ian Evans 7:Nicky Chatterton, 8:Martin Hinshelwood, 9:Alan Whittle, 10:Dave Swindlehurst, 11:Peter Taylor. Manager:Malcolm Allison

Sunderland 2-1 Stoke City

Fifth Round Replay: Tuesday February 17th 1976


Scorers: {Sunderland} Bryan 'Pop' Robson, Mel Holden. {Stoke} Denis Smith

Ranked at the time: 460

Sunderland: 1:Jim Montgomery, 2:Dick Malone, 3:Joe Bolton, 4:Tony Towers, 5:Jeff Clarke, 6:Bobby Moncur, 7:Bobby Kerr, 8:Jackie Ashurst, 9:Mel Holden, 10:Bryan 'Pop' Robson, 11:Tom Finney {replaced by 12: Vic Halom}. Manager:Bob Stokoe

Stoke:1:Peter Shilton, 2:Jackie Marsh, 3:Danny Bowers, 4:John Mahoney, 5:Denis Smith, 6:Alan Dodd, 7:Jimmy Robertson, 8:Jimmy Greenhoff, 9:Terry Conroy, 10:Alan Hudson, 11:Geoff Salmons {replaced by 12:Ian Moores}. Manager:Tony Waddington

Norwich City 1-2 Bradford City

Fifth Round: Monday February 23rd 1976


Scorers: {Norwich} Martin Peters. {Bradford} Don Hutchins, Billy McGinley

Ranked at the time: 13

Norwich: 1:Kevin Keelan, 2:Davd Jones, 3:Colin Sullivan, 4:Mick McGuire, 5:Duncan Forbes, 6:Dave Stringer, 7:Mel Machin, 8:Ted McDougall, 9:Phil Bowyer, 10:Colin Suggett, 11:Martin Peters. Manager:John Bond

Bradford:1:Peter Downsborough, 2:Ces Podd, 3:Ian Cooper, 4:Rod Johnson, 5:John Middleton, 6:David Fretwell, 7:Billy McGinley, 8:Gerry Ingram,9:Joe Cooke, 10:David Hall, 11:Don Hutchins. Manager:Bobby Kennedy

Manchester United 0-1


The 1976 FA Cup Final

Saturday May 1st 1976 {Wembley, London}


Scorer: Bobby Stokes {83}

Ranked at the time: 173

United: 1:Alex Stepney, 2:Alex Forsyth, 3:Stewart Houston, 4:Gerry Daly, 5:Brian Greenhoff, 6:Martin Buchan, 7:Steve Coppell, 8:Sammy McIlroy, 9:Stuart Pearson, 10:Lou Macari, 11:Gordon Hill {replaced by 12: David McCreery}. Manager:Tommy Docherty

Southampton:1:Ian Turner, 2:Peter Rodrigues, 3:David Peach, 4:Nick Holmes, 5:Mel Blyth 6:Jim Steele, 7:Paul Gilchrist, 8:Mike Channon, 9:Peter Osgood, 10:Jim McCalliog, 11:Bobby Stokes. Manager: Laurie McMenemy

Honourable Mention

Coventry Sporting, who in 1975/76 were in the West Midlands League when drawn at home to Fourth Division Tranmere Rovers in the first round. The tie was switched to Coventry City's Highfield Road ground where 4,565 people watched Sporting record a shock 2-0 victory thanks to two Gallagher goals. The team was Jeavons Sorbie, Mundy, Dunk, Jones, Skelcey, Randle, Starkey, Gallagher, Core and Manning