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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Giant Killers


1973 - 1975

Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Stoke City

Third Round: Sunday January 6th 1974

Attendance: 39,138

Scorers: {Bolton} John Byrom {hat-trick}.{Stoke} John Ritchie, Sean Haselgrave {pen}

Ranked at the time: 357

Bolton: 1:Barry Siddall, 2:John Ritson, 3:Peter Nicholson, 4:Warwick Rimmer {replaced by 12:Stuart Lee} 5:Paul Jones, 6:Alan Waldron, 7:John Byrom, 8:Garry Jones, 9:Roy Greaves, 10;Neil Whatmore, 11:Peter Thompson. Manager:Jimmy Armfield

Stoke:1:John Farmer, 2:Alan Dodd, 3:Mike Pejic, 4:Eric Skeels, 5:Denis Smith, 6:Alan Bloor, 7:Jimmy Robertson, 8:Jimmy Greenhoff, 9:John Ritchie, 10:Geoff Hurst {replaced by 12:Sean Haselgrave}, 11:John Mahoney. Manager:Tony Waddington

Hereford United 2-1 West Ham United

Third Round Replay: Wednesday January 9th 1974

Attendance: 17,423

Scorers: {Hereford} Tommy Naylor {pen} Alan Jones. {West Ham} Clyde Best {half time 1-1}

Ranked at the time: 203

Hereford: 1:Tommy Hughes, 2:Ronnie Radford, 3:Tommy Naylor, 4:Mick McLoughlin, 5:Alan Jones, 6:Colin Tavener, 7:Eric Redrobe {replaced by 12:Brian Owen}, 8:Dudley Tyler, 9:Jim Hinch, 10:Brian Evans, 11;Dave Rudge. Manager:Colin Addison

West Ham:1:Mervyn Day, 2:Keith Coleman, 3:Frank Lampard, 4:Billy Bonds, 5:Tommy Taylor, 6:Alan Wooler, 7:Mick McGiven, 8:Graham Paddon, 9:Bertie Lutton, 10:Pat Holland, 11:Clyde Best. Manager:Ron Greenwood

Nottingham Forest 4-1 Manchester City

Fourth Round: Sunday January 27th 1974

Attendance: 41,472

Scorers: {Forest} Ian Bowyer {2}, George Lyall, Duncan McKenzie. {City} Frank Carrodus

Ranked at the time: 328

Forest: 1:Jim Barron. 2:Liam O'Kane, 3:John Winfield, 4:Bob 'Sammy' Chapman, 5:John Cottam, 6:Paul Richardson, 7:Duncan McKenzie, 8:George Lyall, 9:Neil Martin, 10:Tommy Jackson, 11:Ian Bowyer. Manager:Allan Brown

City:1:Keith MacRae, 2:Colin Barrett 3:Willie Donachie, 4:Mick Doyle, 5:Tommy Booth, 6:Tony Towers, 7:Mike Summerbee, 8:Colin Bell, 9:Francis Lee, 10:Frank carrodus, 11:Rodney Marsh {replaced by 12:Dennis Leman}. Manager:Ron Saunders

Aston Villa 2-0 Arsenal

Fourth Round Replay: Wednesday January 30th 1974

Attendance: 47,821

Scorers: Alun Evans, Sammy Morgan

Ranked at the time: 285

Villa: 1:Jim Cumbes, 2:John Gidman, 3:Charlie Aitken, 4:Bruce Rioch, 5:Chris Nicholl, 6:Ian Ross, 7:Pat McMahon, 8:Geoff Vowden {replaced by 12:Brian Little} 9:Sammy Morgan, 10:Ian 'Chico' Hamilton, 11:Alun Evans. Manager: Vic Crowe

Arsenal:1:Bob Wilson, 2:Pat Rice, 3:Bob McNab {replaced by 12: Liam Brady} 4:Peter Storey, 5:Jeff Blockley, 6:Peter Simpson, 7:George Armstrong, 8:Alan Ball, 9:John Radford, 10:Ray Kennedy, 11:Eddie Kelly. Manager: Bertie Mee

West Bromwich Albion 1-0 Everton

Fourth Round Replay: Wednesday January 30th 1974

Attendance: 27,635

Scorer:Tony Brown

Ranked at the time: 371

Albion: 1:Peter Latchford, 2:Gordon Nisbet, 3:Ray Wilson, 4:Len Cantello, 5:Jon Wile, 6:Ally Robertson, 7:Willie Johnstone {sent off-76}, 8:Tony Brown, 9:David Shaw, 10:Asa Hartford, 11:Allan Glover.Manager:Don Howe

Everton:1:David Lawson, 2:Terry Darracott, 3:Archie Styles {sent off-76}, 4:Howard Kendall 5:Mike Lyons, 6:John Hurst, 7:Mike Bernard, 8:Mick Buckley, 9:Joe Royle, 10:Gary Jones, 11:George Telfer. Manager:Billy Bingham

Southampton 0-1 Wrexham

Fifth Round: Saturday February 16th 1974

Attendance: 24,797

Scorer: David Smallman [55]

Ranked at the time: 138

Southampton: 1:Eric Martin, 2:Bob McCarthy, 3:Steve Mills, 4:Hugh Fisher, 5:Paul Bennett, 6:Jim Steele, 7:Terry Paine, 8:Mike Channon, 9:Paul Gilchrist, 10:Tony Byrne {Replaced by 12:Gerry O'Brien}, 11:Bobby Stokes. Manager:Lawrie McMenemy

Wrexham:1:Brian Lloyd, 2:Joey Jones, 3:David Fogg, 4:Mickey Evans, 5:Eddie May, 6:Graham Whittle, 7:Brian Tinnion, 8:Mel Sutton, 9:Geoff Davis, 10:David Smallman, 11:Arfon Griffiths. Manager:John Neal

Leeds United 0-1 Bristol City

Fifth Round Replay: Tuesday February 19th 1974

Attendance: 47,182

Scorer: Don Gillies

Ranked at the time: 16

Leeds: 1:David Harvey, 2:Trevor Cherry, 3:Terry Cooper, 4:Billy Bremner, 5:Roy Ellam, 6:Norman Hunter, 7:Peter Lorimer, 8:Allan Clarke, 9:Mick Jones, 10:Johnny Giles {replaced by 12:Joe Jordan}, 11:Paul Madeley. Manager;Don Revie

City:1:Ray Cashley, 2:Gerry Sweeney, 3:Brian Drysdale, 4:Gerry Gow, 5:Gary Collier, 6:Geoff Merrick, 7:Trevor Tainton, 8:Tom Ritchie {replaced by 12:David Rodgers}, 9:Keith Fear, 10:Don Gillies, 11:Ernie Hunt. Manager:Alan Dicks