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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

The Giant Killers of


Colchester United

Fifth Round, Saturday February 13th 1971, Layer Road, Colchester, Attendance: 16,000

3-2 vs Leeds United

Scorers: Ray Crawford {18}, {25}, Dave Simmons {55}

Leeds: Norman Hunter {60}, Johnny Giles {73}

Ranked at the time: 2

Colchester United

On match day: 7th in Division Four [Fourth tier]

Final placing: 6th

League places difference: 74

Leeds United

On match day: 1st in Division One [Top flight]

Final placing: 2nd

Pedigree: 1966 First Division Runners Up

1967 First Division Fourth Place

1968 First Division Fourth Place

1969 League Champions

1970 First Division Runners Up

1970 F A Cup Runners Up

1968 League Cup Winners

1967 Inter Cities Fairs Cup Runners Up

1968 Inter Cities Fairs Cup Runners Up

  Middlesbrough 2-1 Manchester United

Third Round replay: Tuesday January 5th 1971

Attendance: 41,000

Scorers:{Middlesbrough} Hugh McIlmoyle {7}, Derrick Downing {73}. {Manchester United} George Best {89}

Ranked at the time: 425

Middlesbrough: 1:Willie Whigham, 2:Alex Smith, 3;Gordon Jones, 4:Alan Moody, 5:Bill Gates, 6:Frank Spraggon, 7:Derrick Downing, 8:Eric McMordie, 9:Hugh McIlmoyle, 10:John Hickton, 11:Joe Laidlaw. Manager:Stan Anderson.

Manchester United:1:Jimmy Rimmer, ,2:John Fitzpatrick, 3:Tony Dunne, 4:Pat Crerand, 5:Paul Edwards, 6:David Sadler, 7:Willie Morgan, 8:George Best, 9:Bobby Charlton, 10:Brian Kidd {replaced by 12:Alan Gowling}, 11:Denis Law. Manager:Matt Busby

Oxford United 3-0 Burnley

Third Round: Monday January 11th 1971

Attendance: 17,010

Scorers:Graham Atkinson, Nigel Cassidy, Ken Skeen

Ranked at the time: 383

Oxford: 1:Mick Kearns, 2:Dick Lucas, 3:John Shukar, 4:Rodney Smithson, 5:Colin Clarke, 6:John Evanson, 7:David Sloan, 8:Graham Atkinson, 9:Ken Skeen, 10:Nigel Cassidy, 11:Ron Atkinson. Manager: Gerry Summers

Burnley:1:Tony Waiters, 2:John Angus, 3:Geoff Nulty, 4:Mike Docherty, 5:Colin Waldron, 6:Martin Dobson, 7:Dave Thomas, 8:Ralph Coates, 9:Eric Probert, 10:Alan West, 11:Leighton James {replaced by 12: Dave Merrington}. Manager: Jimmy Adamson

Rochdale 2-1 Coventry City

Third Round: Monday January 11th 1971

Attendance: 13,011

Scorers: {Rochdale} Dennis Butler, David Cross, {Coventry}: Ernie Hunt

Ranked at the time: 59

Rochdale: 1:David Tennant, 2:Graham Smith, 3:Derek Ryder, 4:Hughen Riley, 5:Colin Parry, 6:Joe Ashworth, 7:Norman Whitehead, 8:Tony Buck, 9:David Cross, 10:Bobby Downes, 11:Dennis Butler. Manager:Dick Connor

Coventry:1:Bill Glazier, 2:Wilf Smith, 3:Dave Clements, 4:Ernie Machin, 5:Jeff Blockley, 6:Geoff Strong, 7:Ernie Hunt, 8:Willie Carr, 9:Neil Martin, 10:Brian Joicey, 11:Brian Alderson. Manager:Noel Cantwell

Hull City 2-0 Blackpool

Fourth Round: Saturday January 23rd 1971

Attendance: 34,752

Scorers:Ken Wagstaff, Chris Chilton

Ranked at the time: 471

Hull: 1:Ian McKechnie, 2:Frank Banks {replaced by 12:Ken Houghton}, 3:Roger Devries, 4:Billy Wilkinson, 5:Terry Neil {player manager}, 6:Chris Simpkin, 7:Paddy Greenwood, 8:Malcolm Lord, 9:Chris Chilton, 10:Ken Wagstaff, 11:Ian Butler. Manager:Terry Neill

Blackpool:1:Alan Taylor, 2:Jimmy Armfield, 3:Harry Mowbray, 4:Fred Kemp, 5:Glyn James, 6:Dave Hatton {replaced by 12:Alan Suddick} 7:Tony Green, 8:John Craven, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Peter Suddaby, 11:Tony Coleman. Manager: Bob Stokoe