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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Giant Killers


1969 - 1971

Leicester City 1-0 Sunderland

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 1970

Attendance: 24,878

Scorer: Bobby Roberts,

Ranked at the time: 470

City: 1:Peter Shilton, 2;Peter Rodrigues, 3:Alan Woolett, 4:Bobby Roberts, 5:John Sjoberg, 6:Graham Cross, 7:John Farrington, 8:Rodney Fern, 9:Dave Terse, 10:David Nish, 11:Mike Stringfellow {replaced by 12:Andy Lochhead}. Manager:Frank O'Farrell

Sunderland:1:Jim Montgomery, 2:Cec Irwin, 3:Len Ashurst, 4:Colin Todd, 5:Brian Heslop, 6:Martin Harvey, 7:Bobby Park, 8:Dennis Tueart {Replaced by 12:Bobby Kerr}, 9:Joe Baker, 10:Gordon Harris, 11:Billy Hughes. Manager: Alan Brown

Middlesbrough 2-1 West Ham United

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 1970

Attendance: 32,585

Scorers: {Middlesbrough} Derrick Downing, Hugh McIlmoyle, {United} Alan Stephenson

Ranked at the time: 400

Middlesbrough: 1:Willie Whigham, 2:Alex Smith, 3:Gordon Jones, 4:George Smith, 5:Bill Gates, 6:Frank Spraggon, 7:Derrick Downing 8:Joe Laidlaw, 9:Hugh McIlmoyle, 10:John Hickton, 11:Willie Maddren. Stan Anderson

United: 1:Bobby Ferguson, 2:Billy Bonds, 3:Frank Lampard, 4:Bobby Howe, 5:Alan Stephenson, 6:Bobby Moore, 7:Ronnie Boyce, 8:Martin Peters, 9:Clyde Best {replaced by 12:Harry Redknapp} 10:Geoff Hurst, 11:John Sissons. Manager:Ron Greenwood

Sheffield United 2-1 Everton

Third Round: Saturday January 3rd 1970

Attendance: 29,116

Scorers: {United} Colin Addison, Gil Reece, {Everton} Alan Ball {pen}

Ranked at the time: 98

United: 1:Alan Hodgkinson, 2:Len Badger, 3:Ted Hemsley, 4:Frank Barlow, 5:Eddie Colquhoun, 6:John Flynn, 7:Alan Woodward, 8:Tony Currie, 9:Colin Addison, 10:Geoff Salmons, 11:Gil Reece. Manager:John Harris

Everton: 1:Gordon West, 2:Tommy Wright, {replaced by 12:Sandy Brown}, 3:Keith Newton, 4:Howard Kendall, 5:Brian Labone, 6:Tommy Jackson, 7:Alan Whittle, 8:Alan Ball, 9:Joe Royle, 10:John Hurst, 11:Johnny Morrissey. Manager:Harry Catterick

Carlisle United 2-1 Nottingham Forest

Third Round replay: Thursday January 6th 1970

Attendance: 12,840

Scorers: {United} George McVitie, Tommy Murray, {Forest} Jim McCaffrey

Ranked at the time: 359

United: 1:Alan Ross, 2:Derek Hemstead, 3:Joe Davis, 4:Stan Ternant, 5:Graham Winstanley, 6:Chris Balderstone, 7:Tommy Murray, 8:Frank Barton, 9:Bob Hatton, 10:Maurice Peddalty, 11:George McVitie. Manager:Bob Stokoe

Forest: 1:Alan Hill, 2:Peter Hindley, 3:John Winfield, 4:Sammy Chapman, 5:Liam O'Kane, 6:Henry Newton, 7:Ronnie Rees,{replaced by 12:JimMcCaffrey} 8:Barry Lyons, 9:Paul Richardson, 10:Dave Hilley, 11:Ian Storey-Moore. Manager:Matt Gillies

Blackpool 3-2 Arsenal

Third Round replay: Thursday January 15th 1970

Attendance: 24,801

Scorers: {Blackpool} Micky Burns, Fred Pickering, Alan Suddick {Arsenal} Jon Sammels, John Radford

Ranked at the time: 371

Blackpool: 1:Harry Thomson, 2:Jimmy Armfield, 3:Harry Mowbray, 4:John McPhee, {replaced by 12:Bill Bentley}, 5:Glyn James, 6:Dave Hatton, 7:Micky Burns, 8:John Craven, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Alan Suddick, 11:Tommy Hutchison. Manager:Les Shannon

Arsenal: 1:Bob Wilson, 2:Peter Storey, 3:Bob McNab, 4:Charlie George, 5:Terry Neill, 6:Peter Simpson, 7:Jimmy Robertson, 8:John Sammels, 9:John Radford, 10:George Graham, 11:George Armstrong. Manager:Bertie Mee

Sheffield Wednesday 1-2 Scunthorpe United

Fourth Round: Saturday January 24th 1970

{image above: John Barker [3] lies unconscious after equalising for United, George Kerr celebrates while Angus Davidson calls for the physio}

Wednesday: 1:Peter Springett, 2:Graham Pugh, 3:Don Megson, {replaced by 12:Ken Burton}, 4:Sam Ellis, 5:Colin Prophett, 6: Tommy Craig, 7:Jackie Sinclair, 8:Jack Whitham, 9:Alan Warboys, 10:Wilf Smith, 11:Tony Coleman. Manager:Danny Williams

United: 1:Geoff Barnard, 2:Graham Foxton, 3:John Barker, {replaced by 12:Graham Rusling}, 4:Steve Deere, 5:Mick Atkin, 6:Don Welbourne, 7:Kevin Keegan, 8:Nigel Cassidy, 9:George Kerr, 10:Terry Heath, 11:Angus Davidson. Manager:Ron Ashman

Watford 1-0 Stoke City

Fourth Round: Saturday January 24th 1970

Attendance: 23,394

Scorer: Colin Franks

Ranked at the time: 202

{see Watford vs Liverpool below}

Watford 1:Mike Walker, 2:Duncan Welbourne, 3:Johnny Williams, 4:Keith Eddy, 5:Walter Lees, 6:Tom Walley, 7:Terry Garbett, 8:Colin Franks, 9:Barry Endean, 10:Ray Lugg, 11:Stewart Scullion. Manager:Ken Furphy

City: 1:Gordon Banks, 2:Jackie Marsh, 3:Mike Pejic, 4:Willie Stevenson, 5:Denis Smith, 6:Alan Bloor, 7:Terry Conroy, 8:Jimmy Greenhoff, 9:John Ritchie, {Replaced by Eric Skeels}, 10:Peter Dobing, 11:Harry Burrows. Manager:Tony Waddington

Leicester City 4-2 Southampton

Fourth Round replay {after extra time}: Wednesday January 28th 1970

Attendance: 33,399

Scorers: {City} John Farrington, Andy Lochhead {2}, David Nish {pen} {Southampton} Mike Channon, Terry Paine

Ranked at the time: 375

Leicester had reached the cup final ten months earlier but it was a scant consolation in a season when they were relegated. So a reputation as a good cup side containing nine of the team that lost at Wembley tempers their victories over Sunderland and Southampton as cupsets a little. Their extra time victory here, on the back of a good draw at the Dell and their earlier victory over the Rokerites took Leicester to Liverpool in round five, which by coincidence was a repeat of their fifth round tie on the way to Wembley the previous year. A draw at Anfield had The Filberts planning for their quarter final, only for them to come unstuck in the replay.

City 1:Peter Shilton, 2:Alan Woolett, 3:David Nish, 4:Bobby Roberts, 5:John Sjoberg, 6:Graham Cross, 7:John Farrington, 8:Rodney Fern, 9:Andy Lochhead, 10:Paul Matthews, {replaced by 12:Dave Tearse}, 11:Len Glover. Manager:Frank O'Farrell

Southampton: 1:Eric Martin, 2:Ken Jones {replaced by 12:Fred Kemp}, 3:Tony Byrne, 4:Hugh Fisher, 5:Jimmy Gabriel, 6:Dave Walker, 7:Terry Paine, 8:Mike Channon, 9:Ron Davies, 10:Bobby Stokes, 11:Dave Thompson. Manager:Ted Bates

Queens Park Rangers 1-0 Derby County

Fifth Round: Saturday February 7th 1970

Attendance: 27,685

Scorer: Dave MacKay {own goal}

Ranked at the time: 375

{image above; Q P R players celebrate after Tony Hazell's shot deflected off Dave MacKay for the Second Division side's second half winner.}

Rangers 1:Mike Kelly, 2:Dave Clement, 3:Ian Gillard, 4:Ian Watson, 5:Vic Mobley, 6:Tony Hazell, 7:Barry Bridges, 8:Terry Venables, 9:Frank Clarke, 10:Rodney Marsh, 11:Mick Ferguson. Manager:Les Allen

County: 1:Les Green, 2:Ron Webster, 3:John Robson, 4:Alan Durban, 5: Roy McFarland, 6:Dave MacKay, 7:John McGovern, 8:Willie Carlin, 9:John O'Hare, 10:Kevin Hector, 11:Alan Hinton. Manager: Brian Clough

Watford 1-0 Liverpool

Quarter Final: Saturday February 21st 1970

Attendance: 34,047

Scorer: Barry Endean {64}

Ranked at the time: 222

{image right Tom Walley and Duncan Welbourne congratulate Barry Endean while a forlorn Tommy Lawrence stands in the background}

Watford were struggling to retain their Second Division status when they defeated their divisional rivals, Bolton in the third round of the cup to earn a home tie with Stoke. The Potters were lying seventh in the top flight when they visited Vicarage Road and left on the wrong end of a Colin Franks goal. A defeat of Third Division Gillingham in round five and a home quarter final tie against Liverpool gripped the imagination of the people of the town, who turned up in record numbers to see is they could defeat a transitional reds side lying eighth in the top flight. The first half was a turgid affair in which Stewart Scullion was the stand out player in a Watford side that failed to do enough to upset a nervy Liverpool team. Usually timerity from the junior club is often punished after a stern half time team talk but on this occasion Bill Shankley was unable to rouse his players and it was Watford who took the game on. Just after the hour mark, Ray Lugg's throw was laid back to him by Scullion before he cheekily nutmegged Peter Wall and delivered a perfect cross into the Liverpool box. With Tommy Lawrence prone on his goal line and Geoff Strong left flat footed, Barry Endean rose virtually unchalleneged to power a header goalwards and while it was almost straight at Lawrence, it had far too much power for the Red's keeper to keep out of his goal. Liverpool's response was an uncharacteristically poor one with Ron Yeats in particular finding himself fortunate to stay on the field after scything through Terry Garbutt when the Watford man had to chance to break clear on goal. And there were other chances to Endean and Scullion in particular that could have put the game to bed long before the excrutiating four minutes of injury time that the referee managed to find. That gave Liverpool one last chance when Geoff Strong was presented with a glorious last gasp opportunity to equalise but found Hughe's cross into the box too hard for him to control, his shot from close range flying wide of goal. For Liverpool the game became a watershed in their history as Bill Shankley took the defeat as a signal to start a rebuilding programme that would ultimately lead his Red's to European domination but for Watford came the more immediate prospect of their first ever cup semi final against Chelsea. The game was played on a White Hart Lane pitch that a modern day Sunday league team would refuse to play on but the players of the turn of the seventies were well used to such terrible playing surfaces and set about their business as normal. For an hour Watford's dreams of a trip to Wembley were very real after Garbutt scored a speculative long range equaliser to Chelsea's early opener and were marginally the better side until Chelsea netted a second goal. Watford's stuffing had been knocked out and in the final twenty-five minutes Mike Walker was beaten four more times, the last of which was wrongly disallowed for offside but mattered little as the Stamford Bridge club cruised on to ultimately win the cup.

Watford 1:Mike Walker, 2:Duncan Welbourne, 3:Johnny Williams, 4:Ray Lugg, 5:Walter Lees, 6:Tom Walley, 7:Stewart Scullion, 8:Terry Garbutt, 9:Barry Endean, 10:Mike Packer, 11:Brian Owen. Manager:Ken Furphy

Liverpool: 1:Tommy Lawrence, 2:Chris Lawler, 3:Peter Wall, 4:Geoff Strong, 5:Ron Yeats, 6:Emlyn Hughes, 7:Ian Callaghan, 8:Ian Ross, 9:Alun Evans, 10:Ian St John, 11:Bobby Graham. Manager: Bill Shankly