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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Giant Killers


1968 - 1970

Aston Villa 2-1 Queens Park Rangers

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1969

Attendance: 39,854

Scorers: {Villa} Brian Godfrey, Lionel Martin {Rangers} Ian Morgan

Ranked at the time: 370

{see Aston Villa vs Southampton below}

Villa: 1:John Dunn, 2:Mick Wright, 3:Charlie Aitken, 4:Barry Hole. 5:Dick Edwards, 6:Fred Turnbull, 7:Mick Ferguson, 8:Dave Rudge, 9:Brian Godfrey, 10:Lionel Martin, 11:Willie Anderson. Manager:Tommy Docherty

Rangers:1:Alan Spratley, 2:Ian Watson, 3:Dave Clement, 4:Bobby Keetch, 5:Ron Hunt, 6:Frank Sibley, 7:Ian Morgan, 8:Mick Leach, 9:Frank Clarke, 10:Allan Glover, 11:Roger Martin. Manager: Les Allen

Preston North End 3-0 Nottingham Forest

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1969

Attendance: 20,008

Scorers: Willie Irvine [2, 1 pen], Derek Temple

Ranked at the time: 268

Forest had been struggling at the wrong end of the top flight before a mini revival during the Christmas Programme took them out of the relegation zone and provided hope of a better 1969 to come. A New year's Day defeat dampened that slightly but a trip to an equally poor Second Division outfit of Preston in the third round of the cup offered a chance to quickly restore the optimism. Just five years earlier, North End had walked out at Wembley and led in the cup final before losing to a last minute goal and also narrowly missed out on promotion to the top flight. That team quickly broke up and their momentum for a tilt at the big time faded away with only Alan Kelly and George Ross still in the starting eleven for this cup tie. Among the new faces in the side were Willie Irvine and Derek Temple. back in 1966, Northern Ireland International Irvine was the hottest shot in the top flight, topping the scoring charts for Burnley before a broken leg had curtailed his career. In the same year Temple was scoring the winning goal in the cup final for Everton. Three years on and both combined to inflict a humbling defeat on Forest and progress to the fourth round of the cup where Chelsea were taken to a replay before North End bowed out. The defeat of Forest proved the highpoint of a season that eventually saw North End, and Forest for that matter, survive their relegation battles.

North End: 1:Alan Kelly, 2:George Ross, 3:Jimmy McNab, 4:Alex Spark, 5:Bill Cranston, 6:Ricky Heppolette, 7:Derek Temple, 8:Ken Knighton, 9:Willie Irvine, 10:Gerry Ingham, 11:Frank Lee. Manager:Bobby Seith

Forest:1:Peter Grummitt, 2:Peter Hindley, 3:John Winfield, 4:Terry Hennessey, 5:Bobby McKinlay, 6:Henry Newton, 7:Barry Lyons, 8:Paul Richardson, 9:Colin Hall {Replaced by 12:John Barnwall}, 10:Sammy Chapman, 11:Ian Storey-Moore. Manager:Matt Gillies

Sunderland 1-4 Fulham

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1969

Attendance: 27,091

Scorers: {Sunderland} Bobby Kerr, {Fulham} Brendan Mullan {2}, Stan Brown, Johnny Haynes

Ranked at the time: 110

Sunderland: 1:Jim Montgomery, 2:Cec Irwin, 3:Martin Harvey, 4:Charlie Hurley, 5:Colin Todd, 6:Ian Porterfield, 7:Bobby Kerr, 8:Gordon Harris, 9:Billy Hughes, 10:Colin Suggett, 11:Dennis Tueart. Manager:Alan Brown

Fulham: 1:Brian Williamson, 2:John Ryan, 3:Fred Callaghan, 4:Stan Brown, 5:Frank Large, 6:Reg Matthewson, 7:Les Barrett, 8:Brendan Mullan, 9:Steve Earle, 10:Johnny Haynes, 11:Tarry Parmenter. Manager:Bill Dodgin

Birmingham City 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday

Fourth Round replay: Tuesday January 28th 1969

Attendance: 51,463

Scorers: {City} Malcolm Beard, Fred Pickering {Wednesday} Gerry Young

Ranked at the time: 252

{image: Ray Martin keeps Peter Eustace in check}

Birmingham City had enjoyed a great cup run to the semi finals the previous season under Stan Cullis and inspired by Barry Bridges and Fred Pickering to victories over two top flight sides. Bridges had left at the end of the season when The Blues failed to secure promotion but Pickering was still the star of a club that included a young Jimmy Greenhoff, who would one day win the trophy at Manchester United. Sheffield Wednesday were the victims this time after a replay, with Pickering netting the winner against the side he had thought he would have been playing against in the cup final itself three years earlier only for him to have been sensationally dropped at the last moment, missing out on a winner's medal with Everton. City pulled off a creditable draw against European Champions Manchester United in the next round but took a hammering in the replay and by the end of the season, with promotion still not achieved, Pickering moved on to try his luck with Blackpool.

City: 1:Jim Herriot, 2:Ray Martin, 3:Colin Green, 4:Malcolm Page, 5:Dave Robinson, 6:Malcolm Beard, 7:Johnny Vincent, 8:Jimmy Greenhoff, 9:Fred Pickering, 10:Trevor Hockey, 11:Dennis Thwaites. Manager:Stan Cullis

Wednesday: 1:Peter Springett, 2:Ian Branfoot, 3:Don Megson, 4:Sam Ellis, 5:Vic Mobley, 6:Gerry Young, 7:Archie Irvine, [Replaced by 12:John Fanthom}, 8:Jim McCalliog, 9:John Ritchie, 10:Peter Eustace, 11:Brian Woodall. Manager:Jack Marshall

Aston Villa 2-1 Southampton

Fourth Round replay: Wednesday January 29th 1969

Attendance: 59,084

Scorers: {Villa} Peter Broadbent, Lionel Martin, {Southampton} Mike Channon

Ranked at the time: 220

Villa: 1:John Dunn, 2:Keith Bradley, 3:Charlie Aitken, 4:Barry Hole, 5:Dick Edwards, 6:Fred Turnbull, 7:Dave Rudge, 8:Peter Broadbent, 9:Brian Godfrey, 10:Lionel Martin, 11:Willie Anderson. Manager:Tommy Docherty

Southampton: 1:Gerry Gurr, 2:Joe Kirkup, 3:Denis Hollywood, 4:Fred Kemp, 5:John McGrath, 6:Jimmy Gabriel, 7:Terry Paine, 8:Mike Channon, 9:Ron Davies, 10:Dave Walker, 11:John Sydenham. Manager:Ted Bates

Mansfield Town 3-0 West Ham United

Fifth Round: Wednesday February 26th 1969

Attendance: 21,117

Scorers: Ray Keeley {22}, Nick Sharkey {38}, Dudley Roberts {49}

Ranked at the time: 25

Town: 1:Dave Hollins, 2:Sandy Pate, 3:Mick Hopkinson, 4:Johnny Quigley, 5:Stuart Boam, 6:Phil Waller, 7:Ray Keeley, 8:Nick Sharkey, 9:Bob Ledger, 10: Dudley Roberts, 11:Jimmy Goodfellow. Manager:Tommy Eggleston

United: 1:Bobby Ferguson, 2:Billy Bonds, 3:Bobby Howe, 4:Martin Peters, 5:Alan Stephenson, 6:Bobby Moore, 7:Harry Redknapp, 8:Jimmy Lindsay {replaced by 12:Ronnie Boyce}, 9:Trevor Brooking, 10:Geoff Hurst, 11:John Sissons. Manager:Ron Greenwood