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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

Giant Killers


1957 - 1959

Leeds United 1-2 Cardiff City

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1958

Attendance: 30,374

Scorers: {United} Bobby Forrest: {42}: {City} Alan Harrington {20}, Cliff Nugent {45}

Ranked at the time: 307

United: 1:Royden Wood, 2:Jimmy Dunn, 3:Grenville Hair, 4:Archie Gibson, 5:Jack Charlton, 6:Eric Kerfoot, 7:George Meek, 8:Wilbur Cush 9:Bobby Forrest, 10:Chris Crowe, 11:Jack Overfield

City: 1:Ken Jones, 2:Ron Stitfall, 3:Alec Milne, 4:Alan Harrington, 5:Danny Malloy, 6:Colin Baker, 7:Brian Walsh, 8:Cliff Nugent, 9:Joe Bonson, 10:Ron Hewitt, 11:Colin Hudson

Northampton Town 3-1 Arsenal

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1958

Attendance: 21,344

Scorers: {Town} Barry Hawkings, Ken Leek {60}, Bobby Tebbutt : {Arsenal} Danny Clapton

Ranked at the time: 22

Town: 1:Reg Elvy, 2:Ben Collins, 3:Ronnie Patterson, 4:Ray Yeoman, 5:Colin Gale, 6:Roly Mills, 7:Jack English, 8:Bobby Tebbutt, 9:Barry Hawkings, 10:Ken Leek, 11:Tommy Fowler

Arsenal: 1:Jack Kelsey, 2:Len Wills, 3:Dennis Evans, 4:Cliff Holton, 5:Bill Dodgin, 6:David Bowen, 7:Danny Clapton, 8:David Herd, 9:Vic Groves, 10:Jimmy Bloomfield, 11:Gordon Nutt

West Ham United 5-1 Blackpool

Third Round: Saturday January 4th 1958

Attendance: 34,000

Scorers: {United} Vic Keeble {3}, John Dick {2}: {Blackpool}

Ranked at the time: 260

United: 1:Ernie Gregory, 2:John Bond, 3:George Wright, 4:Andy Malcolm, 5:Ken Brown, 6:Malcolm Pyke, 7:Mike Grice, 8:Eddie Lewis, 9:Vic Keeble, 10:John Dick, 11:Malcolm Musgrove

Blackpool: 1:George Farm, 2:Jimmy Armfield, 3:Tommy Garrett, 4:Jimmy Kelly, 5:Roy Gratrix, 6:Hugh Kelly, 7:Stanley Matthews, 8:Brian Peterson, 9:Roy Charnley, 10:David Durie, 11:Jackie Wright

York City 3-0 Birmingham City

Third Round: Wednesday January 8th 1958

Attendance: 19,750

Scorers: Arthur Bottom, Norman Wilkinson, Peter Wragg

Ranked at the time: 36

York: 1:Mick Granger, 2:Ernie Phillips, 3:George Howe, 4:Gordon Brown, 5:Howard Johnson, 6:Ron Spence, 7:Billy Hughes, 8:Arthur Bottom, 9:Norman Wilkinson, 10:Peter Wragg, 11:Billy Fenton

Birmingham: 1:Gil Merrick, 2:Jeff Hall, 3:Brian Farmer, 4;Johnny Watts, 5:Trevor Neal, 6:Dick Smith, 7:Harry Hooper, 8:Noel Kinsey, 9:Eddy Brown, 10:Peter Murphy, 11:Gordon Astall

Aston Villa 0-2 Stoke City

Third Round second replay: Monday January 13th 1958

played at Molineux, Wolverhampton

Attendance: 37,702

Scorers: Neville Coleman, Bobby Cairns

Ranked at the time: 192

Villa: 1:Nigel Sims, 2:Stan Lynn, 3:George Ashfield, 4:Stan Crowther, 5:Pat Saward, 6:Vic Crowe, 7:Les Smith, 8:Jackie Sewell, 9:Gerry Hitchins, 10:Billy Myerscough, 11:Peter McParland

City: 1:Wilf Hall, 2:John McCue, 3:Ken Thompson, 4:John Sellars, 5:Tony Allen, 6:Frank Bowyer, 7:Bobby Cairns, 8:Neville Coleman, 9:George Kelly, 10:Denis Wilshaw

Newcastle United 1-3 Scunthorpe & Lindsay United

Fourth Round: Saturday January 25th 1958

Attendance: 39,234

Scorers: {Newcastle} Bill Patterson: {Scunthorpe} Jack Haigh, Eric Davis {2}

Ranked at the time: 155

Newcastle: 1:Ronnie Simpson, 2:Bill McKinney, 3:Alf McMichael, 4:Jimmy Scoular, 5:Bill Patterson, 6:Albert Franks, 7:Gordon Hughes, 8:Ken Hale, 9:Len White, 10:George Eastham, 11:Bobby Mitchell

Scunthorpe: 1:Ken Hardwick, 2:Len Sharp, 3:Jack Brownsword, 4:Frank Marshall, 5:Barry Horstead, 6:Alan Bushby, 7:Jack Marriott, 8:Ronnie Waldock, 9:Eric David, 10:Jack Haigh, 11:Mervyn Jones

Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 Sheffield United

Fourth Round: Saturday January 25th 1958

Attendance: 51,136

Scorers: Billy Russell, Derek Hawksworth, Derek 'Doc' Pace

Ranked at the time: 147

Hotspur: 1:Ted Ditchburn, 2:Johnny Hills, 3:Mel Hopkins, 4:Danny Blanchflower, 5:Maurice Norman, 6:John Ryden, 7:Terry Medwin, 8:Tommy Harmer, 9:Bobby Smith, 10:Johnny Brooks, 11:Terry Dyson

United: 1:Alan Hodgkinson, 2:Cec Coldwell. 3:Graham Shaw, 4:Brian Richardson, 5:Joe Shaw, 6:Gerry Summers, 7:Kevin Lewis, 8:Billy Russell, 9:Derek 'Doc' Pace, 10:Derek Hawksworth, 11:Billy Hodgson

Burnley 2-3 Bristol Rovers

Fourth Round replay: Tuesday January 28th 1958

Attendance: 41,113

Scorers: {Burnley} Ray Pointer, Jimmy McIlroy : {Rovers} Dai Ward {2}, Norman Sykes

Ranked at the time: 195

Burnley: 1:Colin McDonald, 2:Dave Smith, 3:Douglas 'Jock' Winton, 4:Bobby Seith, 5:Jimmy Adamson, 6:Les Shannon, 7:John Connelly, 8:Jimmy McIlroy, 9:Ray Pointer, 10:Albert Cheesborough, 11:Brian Pilkington

Rovers: 1:Ron Nicholls, 2:Harry Bamford, 3:John 'Josser' Watling, 4:Jackie Pitt, 5:David Pyle, 6:Peter Sampson, 7:Norman Sykes, 8:Geoff Bradford, 9:Dai Ward, 10:Peter Hooper

Darlington 4-1 Chelsea

Fourth Round replay: Wednesday January 29th 1958

Attendance: 15,150

Scorers: {Darlington} Tommy Moran {35, ?}, Dave Carr {?}, Ron Habbertson {?}: {Chelsea} Johnny McNicholl {38} {After Extra Time}

{image: Ron Habbertson [white shirt on ground] puts a seal on Darlington's victory}

Ranked at the time: 13 

Everton 1-2 Blackburn Rovers

Fourth Round: Wednesday January 29th 1958

Attendance: 75,818

Scorers: {Everton} Jimmy Harris: {Rovers} Peter Dobing, Mick Meagan {o.g}

Ranked at the time: 323

{Image: Mick Meagan [crouching] heads into his own net to give Rovers a two goal lead, Roy Stevenson is on hand to make sure it goes in} 

Everton: 1:Albert Dunlop, 2:Alan Sanders, 3:Don Donovan, 4:Kenneth Birch, 5:Tommy E Jones, 6:Mick Meagan 7:Jimmy Harris, 8:Edward Thomas, 9:Derek Temple, 10:Jack Keeley, 11:Brian Harris

Rovers: 1:Harry Leyland, 2:Ken Taylor, 3:Bill Eckersley, 4:Ronnie Clayton, 5:Matt Woods, 6:Mike McGrath, 7:Brian Douglas, 8:Roy Stevenson, 9:Peter Dobing, 10:Roy Vernon, 11:Ally MacLeod  

Honourable mention

On February 6th 1958 the plane carrying the Manchester United first team crashed during take off from Munich airport. Eight players, Duncan Edwards, Tommy Taylor, David Pegg, Billy Whelan, Eddie Coleman, Mark Jones, Roger Byrne and Geoff Bent died in the crash or succumbed to their injuries. Jackie Blachflower and Johnny Berry were so badly injured that they never played football again. With almost the entire first team either deceased or injured, and with manager Matt Busby fighting for his life in hospital, the club briefly considered going into hiatus and withdrawing from competitive football. Assistant manager Jimmy Murphy, who was not on the plane due to his duties as manager of the Wales National Team, took charge however and convinced the club to carry on. He spent a fortnight building a side made up of reserves, loanees and the only two first team players to escape the crash with cuts and bruises. The club's first game after the crash was against First Division Sheffield Wednesday in the F A cup, with the match programme leaving the space for the Manchester United team sheet blank, such was the uncertainty of who would actually play. In the event, Murphy's patchwork team beat Wednesday on a very emotional night at Old Trafford and even managed to get to the cup final itself where they were defeated by Bolton. Although their results in the 1958 cup run don't technically count as cupsets, United's fifth round defeat of Wednesday was nothing short of a minor miracle and worthy of mention. Not least as a memorial to the players, officials, journalists and other passengers and crew who perished in the Munich air disaster.