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The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888



1893 - 1895

Newcastle United 2-0 Sheffield United

First round: 27th January 1894

St James' Park, Newcastle

Att: 7,500

Scorers: Joe Wallace - 2

Ranked at the time: 9

Newcastle were playing in their first season as a league club while Sheffield were playing in their first season among the elite of English football when Joe Wallace's brace secured this first round upset. Joe scored twenty-seven goals in a five year career with the north east club, who in those days wore a Manchester Unitedesque red, white and black kit. eventual cup finalists Bolton proved tougher opposition in the next round, leaving the north east as 2-1 winners.

Newcastle: 1:W Lowery, 2:Harry Jeffery, 3:Tom Rogers, 4:Robert Crielly, 5:Willie Graham, 6:Joseph McKane, 7:C Quinn, 8:Thomas Crate, 9:Willie Thompson, 10:Joseph Wallace, 11:John Law

Sheffield: 1:Will Lilley, 2:Harry Lilley, 3:Bob Cain, 4:Rabbi Howell, 5:Billy Hendry, 6:Ernest Needham, 7:Jack Drummond, 8:Harry Hammond, 9:Robert Hill. 10:Billy Fleming, 11:Hugh Gallacher

Notts County 1-0 Burnley

First round: 27th January 1894

Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Attendance - 8,000

Scorer: Jimmy Logan

Ranked at the time: 6

January 27th 1894 was the first time in history that two top flight sides lost to lower division opposition in the cup on the same day. For Notts County it was the start of much bigger things. {See 1894 F A cup final - below}

County: 1:George Toone, 2:Fay Harper, 3:Jack Hendry, 4:Charlie Bramley, 5:David Calderhead, 6:Alf Shelton, 7:Arthur Watson, 8:Arthur Henfrey, 9:Jimmy Logan, 10:Dan Bruce, 11:Harry Daft

Burnley: 1:Jack Hillman, 2:Jimmy Crabtree, 3:Tom McLintock, 4:James Mullineux, 5:Sandy Lang, 6:Archie Livingstone, 7:Tom Nicol, 8:Peter Turnbull, 9:Jock Espie, 10:Billy Bowes, 11:Jimmy Hill

Liverpool 3-2 Preston North End

Second round: 10th February 1894

Anfield, Liverpool

Attendance - 18,000

Scorers: {Liverpool} David Henderson, Malcolm McVean - 2

{Preston} Frank Becton - 2

Ranked at the time: 16

Liverpool's team of all the Macs were already well on their way to winning the Second Division title and securing promotion to the top flight for the first time in their history by the time they faced relegation threatened Preston at Anfield for this second round tie. None of the fifteen teams who had visited the ground during the season up to that time had left with anything more than a consolation goal so there was little surprise in truth when Malcolm McVean opened the scoring for the home side after just four minutes. McVean was one of several Scots, mostly with Mc or Mac surnames, who had come south to join the reds and is regarded so highly that over a century after he played at Anfield he is still ranked by fans as being among the club's 100 greatest players. David Henderson, another Scot signed from King's Park, was the home side's other scorer in this five goal thriller. Liverpool went on to complete the season having won all sixteen league and cup games played that year at Anfield, exiting the cup in the quarter finals at eventual finalists Bolton.

Liverpool: 1:Billy McOwen, 2:Andrew Hannah, 3:Duncan McLean, 4:Matt McQueen, 5:Joe McQue, 6:Jim McBride, 7:Patrick Gordon, 8:Malcolm McVean, 9:James Henderson, 10:Harry Bradshaw, 11:Hugh McQueen

Preston: 1:Jimmy Trainer, 2:Bob Holmes, 3:Geordie Drummond, 4:Billy Greer, 5:Moses Sanders, 6:James Sharp, 7:Jack Gordon, 8:John Cunningham, 9:Jimmy Ross, 10:Frank Becton, 11:John Cowan

Nottingham Forest 1-4 Notts County

Quarter Final replay: 3rd March 1894

Town Ground, Nottingham

Attendance - 12,000

Scorers. {Notts} Daniel Bruce - 2, Sam Donnelly, Jimmy Logan

{Nottingham} Tom McInnes

Ranked at the time: 6.

Forest: 1:Dan Allsopp, 2:Archie Ritchie, 3:Adam Scott, 4:Alec Stewart, 5:John McPherson, 6:Peter McCracken, 7:Horace Pike, 8:William 'Tich' Smith, 9:Sandy Higgins, 10:James Collins, 11:Tom McInnes

County: 1:George Toone, 2:Fay Harper, 3:Jack Hendry, 4:Charlie Bramley, 5:David Calderhead, 6:Alf Shelton, 7:Arthur Watson, 8:Sam Donnelly, 9:Jimmy Logan, 10:Dan Bruce, 11:Harry Daft

Blackburn Rovers 0-1 Notts County

Semi final @ Bramall Lane, Sheffield: 10th March 1894

Ewood park, Blackburn

Attendance - 20,000

Scorer: Harry Daft

Ranked at the time: 5

Blackburn: 1:Adam ogilvie, 2:John Murray, 3:Tom Brandon, 4:Geordie Dewar, 5:Geordie Anderson, 6:Harry Marshall, 7:Harry Chippendale, 8:James Whitehead, 9:Mitchell Calvey, 10:Jimmy Haydock, 11:BillyTownley

Notts: 1:George Toone, 2:Fay Harper, 3:Jack Hendry, 4:Charlie Bramley, 5:David Calderhead, 6:Alf Shelton, 7:Arthur Watson, 8:Sam Donnelly, 9:Jimmy Logan, 10:Dan Bruce, 11:Harry Daft 

Bolton Wanderers 1

Notts County 4

The 1894 F A Cup Final

@ Goodison Park, Everton: 31st March 1894

Attendance - 37,000

Scorers: {Notts} Arthur Watson {18}, Jimmy Logan {29, 67, 70}

{Bolton} Cassidy {87}

Ranked at the time: 10

Notts County not only became the first team to win the cup from outside the top flight since the formation of the Football League but also did so by defeating four top flight sides in the process. County had been relegated the previous season from the elite division so none of their four opponents could have claimed to have been surprised by the team who went into their first round tie with Burnley on the back of four straight victories. Burnley's outside bid to win the title was already being severely hampered by a soft underbelly which they displayed in each of their most recent five away games. Jimmy Logan scored the decisive goal in front of 8,000 fans. Second Division Burton Wanderers were dispatched to set up a quarter final local derby with neighbours Nottingham Forest. The First Division side looked to have done the hard part in holding County 1-1 at Trent Bridge the previous Saturday but one week later, at the Town Ground, the elite club were beaten in probably their most humiliating local derby defeat ever when Daniel Bruce added two goals to the strike in the first game while Sam Donnelly and Jimmy Logan completed a comprehensive victory. The semi final at Bramall Lane in Sheffield put County up against their toughest opponents yet in Blackburn. Yet again the odds were defied as Harry Daft scored the only goal to send County to the cup final for the second time in four seasons. Sadly for County's fans this was one of only eight times in the entire history of the competition that the showpiece game took place away from London, this year at Everton's Goodison Park. It also remains the most comprehensive victory by a lower division club in an F A cup final as County ran out easy winners, being home and dry at 4-0 by the time Bolton scored a late consolation goal. This remains County's only major honour in their history but the season still ended in disappointment. The Magpies finished third in the division, earning a promotion play-off style test match against Preston, who were third bottom of the top flight. Despite having defeated four higher placed clubs in the cup County were decimated and lost 0-4 thus missing out on a return to the top flight. Jimmy Logan should have dined out for many years to come on his cup winning hat-trick but alas fate played a cruel trick on him also. By 1896 Logan was playing for Loughborough when the team turned up for an away game without any kit. In torrential rain the players played the game in their own clothes with Logan returning home by train thoroughly soaked. A week later he contracted a chill and despite at one stage being seemingly on the road to recovery, the chill returned and he died of pneumonia.

Bolton: 1:John Sutcliffe, 2:John Somerville, 3:Di Jones, 4:Alex Paton, 5:Archie Hughes, 6:Harry Gardiner, 7:Jim Wilson, 8:Robert Tannahill, 9:Jimmy Cassidy, 10:Joe Dickinson, 11:Handel Bentley

Notts:1:George Toone, 2:Fay Harper, 3:Jack Hendry, 4:Charlie Bramley, 5:David Calderhead, 6:Alf Shelton, 7:Arthur Watson, 8:Sam Donnelly, 9:Jimmy Logan, 10:Dan Bruce, 11:Harry Daft